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  1. Why is the same 2 members in this thread complaining??? We get it you are not here for the movie so leave the thread.... it feels like the people who are against is cares more about it than the actual fans.
  2. I can care less what you perfer, but if you don’t like “sequels and “reboots” start by not entering a thread about one dummy.
  3. True but it hasn’t been confirmed she’s not singing it, it’s pointless to complain about something we don’t even know about But he’s been saying the same stuff for pages it’s ok to have a different opinion but you don’t have to keep spamming this thread with the same crap 💩
  4. No one is reading this long post, if you not here for the movie exist this damn thread no one is putting a gun up to your damn head, if you don’t like something move on.
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