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  1. LexCorp and, by association, Lex Luthor, is canon to the movie and will be referenced. Whether Luthor himself will appear is unknown.
  2. Looks like Reeves' is building a whole new DC universe.
  3. I legit can't fathom what WB gains from not just firing Ray Fisher outright at this point.
  4. Hell of a turn around for DC. Not much of a cinematic universe, but this is a much better alternative than brute forcing a cinematic universe with terrible movies.
  5. I don't want Disney to own WB and I would rather DC not split from Warnermedia because they the perfect structure for these characters, it's just WarnerMedia is owned by idiots.
  6. This whole situation will have like a whole week in every MBA program about how not to handle business relations and business communications.
  7. So wait, despite the 3 years of talking about the movie, he's never actually seen it?
  8. What's you're prediction for the RT score? I'm gonna say like 80-85% 7.1 average.
  9. On set, there is a Gotham Times newspaper that names drops both Metropolis and references Superman
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