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  1. It wasn't a monologue, and it wasn't villainous. It was just an instructional video to Redford.
  2. This. Justice League will be bad laggardly of what cut you release, his cut will be longer and probably worse, but just cut out everything with Darkseid. Ava is actually a fan of the New Gods and probably knew what they were before 2014, I can't say the same for Snyder. Just look at all 3 of the designs he planned for Steppenwolf. Steppenwolf isn't a complicated character, he's a dude with a horned helmet and a staff and Snyder wanted him to be some sort of demon alien monster, which just screws with the continutiy of the New Gods consider he's Darkseid's uncle and, in turn is the granduncle for Orion.
  3. Watching Snyder fans act is akin to watching people who believe people like Peter Popoff.
  4. Lol, I didn't actually realize that till I read you post and you're right. There was an inner monologue, there was over the top violence, it had Snyder's trademark slowmo.
  5. Imagine feeling the need to think you need to stand up and protect Disney Also, Kevin Feige is a 46 year old white male.
  6. Also, here's the thing, if they just have Battinson in the present day and they just ignore BvS and JL, the audiences won't care about the continuity as long as the movies are good.
  7. How the fuck did both Dr Dolittle movies have disastrous productions? At least the first Dr Dolittle movie was using real animals that caused the chaos, this is just crazy luck that this movie would also have a disastrous prodcuction
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