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  1. 75% is a perfectly fine number and in line of what I expected. That's enough to help build on the universe even further. It should do very well at the box office.
  2. This is fucking fun. It's a roller coaster ride. And It will end exactly where I thought it would.
  3. I wasn't expecting Citizen Kane. It being a good fun movie as opposed to depressing, boring, anger inducing movie like the other DCEU movies is great by me. I'm a massive DC fan, from the comics to the cartoons to the games, and I'm just happy this is getting solid reviews
  4. The Critics Choice website has Aquaman at 82/100. IT has Bumblebee at 70/100
  5. Gurdians 2 and Ant Man and the Wasp have 82 and Thor Ragnarok also is only 2 points higher at 84
  6. I seriously think that this will get like an 80% on RT and if that happens, it will do 800mil+

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