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  1. Does Grace know that the skinny Amanda Waller was hated by comic fans and they have given Waller her original look back like ages ago?
  2. Shazam is budget is 80-90 million BoP is about 62 million And I think Joker is 50 million
  3. TestPattern

    Tuesday #s (Aquaman, Poppins, Bumble)

    Can you imagine how much all the other DCEU movies could have made if they were good? WW suffered from the poor reception of the previous movies. If all the other movies were good all of them, with the exception of Man of Steel, could have done like 1.1 billion. BvS absolutely would have done 1.5 billion
  4. The benefits of Flashpoint, which actually ended up being a big issue in the comics, is that you can pick and choose what you want to be canon and what you don't.
  5. The only DCEU movie that I can conceivable see being below 650 million is Birds of Prey, considering it's released near Bond 25 and it's Rated R. But it's apparently a small budget, so it should be able to do fine. But if Shazam can build on the good faith built created by Aquaman, then BoP and WW84 get released, I think the DCEU should be fine from here on out
  6. 75% is a perfectly fine number and in line of what I expected. That's enough to help build on the universe even further. It should do very well at the box office.
  7. I think it will end up 79 or 80. Perfectly solid numbers that you can build upon.
  8. This is fucking fun. It's a roller coaster ride. And It will end exactly where I thought it would.
  9. I wasn't expecting Citizen Kane. It being a good fun movie as opposed to depressing, boring, anger inducing movie like the other DCEU movies is great by me. I'm a massive DC fan, from the comics to the cartoons to the games, and I'm just happy this is getting solid reviews
  10. if it settles at about 75%, that's perfectly fine
  11. They count to the RT score as much as the old school critics.

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