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  1. Holy fuck, critics are actually beginning to demand more and started to gain standards. Can movie be saved?
  2. Also They are actually building towards GCS vs BoP Also, if Reeves' Batman has Catwoman and it's set in the 90s, it's gonna be really interesting how they deal with this.
  3. I would guess that Dauberman has probably landed himself a DCEU movie judging by they're pension of taking horror movie directors
  4. That's a fine number, that would make it the 2nd highest grossing WAG movie behind the Lego Movie.
  5. I don't understand why Scoob would flop, it's got a good brand, they appear to be putting a lot of effort into it and will probably market the hell of it. I do think they should movie it up to April 17 so it's away from Fast and The Furious and the what is probably Black Widow, but I think it will do at least 250mil worldwide
  6. Tenet could be huge. It will be interesting to see if it will outgross Bond 25.
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