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  1. This movie has a tenuous grasp with the actual comics, him doing that would be absolutely in character, he did it for basically a 2 decades. I feel like of people are concerned about the impact this movie will have on the people who will watch it and gravitate to the character, rather than the movie itself. In the end, this movie has been rewritten a bunch of times and still being edited, so who knows what will happen
  2. Yeah, why even post about the movie if you didn't want to discuss it. He put it out there to spark a conversation, but he doesn't want a conversation.
  3. Based on what I'm getting from this, it doesn't appear that they dislike the movie because it's poorly written, but rather the subtext of the movie. My guess is they try and make it seem that the Joker's mass murder spree is justified due to society or something
  4. This movie has the potential to really blow up like A Star Is Born
  5. Zach is signed to a 7 picture deal. 3 movies, and 4 cameos, which are either just cameos in other movies or appearances in team up movies.
  6. people, my god, the movie is going to do fine. It doesn't need to make 800 mill. It doesn't even need 500mil
  7. It's review day. What do you predict the RT score will be? Based on all these overwhelming positive praise, I'm going for 95%+ on RT with 7.5+ average
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