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  1. How the fuck did both Dr Dolittle movies have disastrous productions? At least the first Dr Dolittle movie was using real animals that caused the chaos, this is just crazy luck that this movie would also have a disastrous prodcuction
  2. I remember a bunch of dummies from the comcigate portion of comic book fandom who legitimately believed that AT&T would sell DC. One dude on managed to get a Forbes article by claiming that because DC didn't have a SDCC booth in the middle of the floor, it was in the back croner, and because they didn't show off movies at that comic con, that was proof that AT&T was planning to sell DC to reduce their debt, even though the booth was actually as big as it was the previous year and AT&T would end up losing money by sell DC almost instantly.
  3. While I agree with Todd, is WB just no paying attention to this stuff right now? They've got to shut up him. At the very least, wait till after the Oscars
  4. The post is quoting the podcast and Justin Kroll is the person who said it.
  5. So all the people talking about the King of Comedy connection. Everyone in the movie is very well aware and no one cares
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