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  1. Timon and Pumbaa really brought this remake to a different level of goodness. It was so serious and flat before Timon and Pumbaa came to resucitate it with life. Also, I think Scar, T&P, the hyenas conveyed themselves with nice facial emotions and expressions. I don’t know why the Lions can’t convey emotions?? It’s the young Simba and Nala plus Mufasa that bothered me a lot. IJCWTBK didn’t become as fun as it was in the original because Simba and Nala looked like they weren’t really having fun. You can’t see the fun in their faces.
  2. Cinderella posted underwhelming numbers imo. Good thing it was critically adored. Alice Through the Looking Glass is also a big bomb. I think Maleficent 2 will also see significant decrease. Not Alice 2 decrease but still a decrease. I mean, did anyone really ask for a sequel to that?!
  3. Also I truly hate the fact that CYFTLT became a Beyonce song when it should’ve been a DUET. Dang it Bey fans need to stop labelling this as her movie!
  4. 225 million OW, 650 million dom total, 1.6B WW anyway, what’s next for WDAS after Frozen 2? Cause let’s face it Disney will soon ran out of animated classics to remake after 5 yrs or so.
  5. This still looks bad. It looks cheap for some reason. Also, how the acting of the guy playing Aladdin seems like gonna suck.
  6. Will this teaser be attached to Captain Marvel screening? Or online only?
  7. They marketed Frozen as a slapstick comedy adventure at first cause they want to get the general basic audience largely for the movie to smash. Now, Frozen has built a lot of general audience will and fanbase and therefore they don’t need to resort to that thing.
  8. With the change in tone of Frozen, I hope this can kickstart the notion that animated movies are NOT solely made for kids’ entertainement. Animated films are of GENRE THAT IS FOR EVERYONE
  9. I just hope the darker tone doesn’t backfire like Prince Caspian. That thing turned off a lot of families/kids with the mega shift in tone from the magical The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe to the darker, more epic Prince Caspian.
  10. Disney will surely remake Frozen and Tangled in the future. And I doubt Dumbo will bomb. Aladdin will bomb but I don’t see Dumbo flopping. It’ll pull a surprise hit.
  11. I’ve watched Alita and I don’t think it’ll have the legs of Titanic or Avatarx those two movies were dirven primarily by a central plot that is highly focused and is something the GP invests while watching. Alita jumps from one subplot to another. I like it but Titanic and Avatar (especially Titanic) were something else.
  12. Aladdin looks bad. Jasmine looks bad. Genie looks terrible. A mess. Hoepfully this doesn’t tarnsih the legacy of the animated classic. Disney conitnues to bomb on their Memorial Weekend releases.
  13. The Disney princesses scene became viral for a time, but indeed it was a wasted opportunity as it was long forgotten when the movie was released. They didn’t manage to sustain the hype from that scene. A mess.
  14. The movie has top notch visual effects, and a good story, although it felt a bit all over the place. They were trying to tell Alita’s history for once, then jumps to Ido being Hunter Warrior, then goes to the baddie Hunter Warrior Zapan then suddenly goes to Chiren and Vector then leaps to Hugo’s dirty business and so on. Kinda all over the place but still a solid piece.
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