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  1. Adjusting the release date at all wouldn’t be a wise move. HBP wasn’t trying to improve upon a depreciation. 2 years is more than enough time. They need to release a trailer in December instead of waiting an entire year to begin publicizing like they did here. It’s too long and people disconnect. I worried about that all the way back in January.
  2. These are some of the shortest films released in the franchise and the issue is that they don’t provide for the room to develop that the 2hr30+ min HP films did at the beginning. These films are globe trotting stories with a lot more characters. Why should they be shorter than HP? And why is this suggestion more outlandish than acting like they’d cast adrift the talent they’ve collaborated with for years with good results because one of their films has the potential to make 650-750 million for them at the box office? The only real problem here is the critical response, which can be fixed by simple adjustments, especially considering they’re mostly about how overstuffed the film is with plot. As Grace Randolph said: don’t edit so much out, and just make a longer film. Rowling needs it, it would get it better reviews, and that problem would be solved.
  3. Why would they do that? Ruining the consistency of the film’s release schedule would seriously mess up the franchise and only lead to even further disconnect and diminishing returns. Short of writing 5 novelizations, there’s nothing they will do that will cause the film to be pushed back a whole year. No. That wouldn’t do anything. This film is not a flop. It’s not a bomb. WW, it’s a success. And it’s not hated by audiences, contrary to what people on here are saying. It’s not being treated apathetically by audiences either, not the audiences going to see it. Look at its RT user score, Metacritic score, Google score, and IMDb score. Now compare those to The Last Jedi and Fallen Kingdom. There’s very little active hatred for this film. The fanbase loves it overall and most are mixed on it, saying that it’s an okay film. Not that it’s bad. A likely WW total in the 700M or even 600M range is not going to be seen as grounds for a release date shift or a massive upheaval BTS. Yates will still direct, Rowling will still write. At most, Kloves gets a co-writing credit. People were so ready to say this film was a failure before it even came out. Yet it’s not. Certainly not yet. All is fine as if now. Rowling has already delivered one really well received movie and one movie that’s received mixed reception financially and critically. The latter because of the former. The people who are saying “she clearly can’t write screenplays” are being hilariously melodramatic. She can. She has delivered before. And she will continue to receive major billing as the writer and producer of this franchise, with small adjustments and additions. There’s no damage so huge that people need to be fired and big name directors and writers need to move in all of a sudden. Stop. These are the problems that the film series has: 1) The critical reception to CoG. The film would not have performed quite as poorly as it did if the film avoided the negative reviews overall of course, but if they hadn’t revealed them so early. Pushing the embargo by half a week would’ve done the film wonders at the domestic box office especially 2) Films that are too short. Even with Rowling’s convoluted, packed style of plotting, these films could survive...if they simply extended the runtime to 2h30m instead of making sure everything falls neatly under 2h15m, the would have a well reviewed film that needn’t sacrifice complexity or some novelistic elements. They probably filmed everything Rowling wrote and then cut the film to pieces way too late in the process. They need to cut from the scripting and minimally so getting into the principal photography stage. They need more script editing and an increased runtime. Why is a film split between three different cities only a minute longer than a film that chronicled the events of a couple days in one city? Making a longer film is the only big change that needs to be made, tbh. 3) I felt this early in the year: they NEED to have an announcement trailer in December like they had with the first film in front of Force Awakens. An entire year with no Fantastic Beasts doesn’t do them any favors. Think of the wonders an announcement trailer in front of SW IX and a teaser in front of Avengers 4 would do. The marketing quality just needs to be as good as it was for FB2, and this franchise would at least maintain instead of depreciating. To sustain a 5 film franchise across 9 years, you need embed it in the zeitgeist a bit, which they’ve done on a minute scale. They just need to do a bit more, and they can’t have massive gaps between installments at this point; people would forget about it. It’s a sequel. It’s results so far aren’t rockstar, but they’re fine. There’s a disappointment here, a success there. It’s a decidedly mixed bag that will prove to be a respectable enough success if not an outright success by the time it finishes it’s run. People are freaking out saying they need major release date changes and creative overhauls for a film with lukewarm response and a somewhat depreciated sequel. It’s not the viciously divisive disaster some are making it out to be. There’s no terrible WOM, there’s just not enough stellar WOM, and this can be fixed easily by making small tweaks. Also, this franchise not only has the benefit of having massive global appeal, but having good prospects for increases in whatever country the film travel’s to in its story. Like the good US BO performance for film 1, the French/European setting saw increases over the first one all over Europe, especially in France. This franchise, therefore, is likely safe from falling too far. Additionally, it’s matched film 1’s gross in Japan. It’s increased over the first in most of Europe, Russia, Africa and the Middle East, South America, India, SK, and Australasia. It’s still #1 WW and will likely stay there for a bit. That is more than making up for a an extremely mediocre BO in the US and a lukewarm taking in China. It should certainly reach 700 M. It’s only trailing the first by -8%. Changing things drastically would probably do more to hurt it than making no changes at all would. And no no no to the people saying this franchise needs more humor; the film had plenty of humor. It just needs time to be able to fully let each moment breathe. The films need and are going to get even darker considering the subject material; there’s no way they’re going to risk making light of WW2 and a tragic conflict between 2 former friends/lovers. The tone is not the issue here. Harry Potter is known at this point for its dark mystery and it’s thematic and emotional depth and complexity as much as it is for fun magic. Trying to turn this into a light Marvel-esque franchise will only serve to turn people away and irritate Rowling, who doesn’t generally write content like that.
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