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  1. I want to add something, Captain Marvel is not getting glowing reactions. They are just ok. On collider they talked that most of the reactions are mixed. So check your expectations, because when reviews come it's falling down. I still predict only around 100M
  2. BP sold 200 tickets. Wow. I think Disney should release reviews soon but they can't because of Avengers Endgame spoilers.. It would have helped Captain Marvel a lot
  3. Captain Marvel is review Bombed by 4chan http://boards.4channel.org/tv/thread/110165119 http://boards.4chan.org/pol//thread/203242823/boycott-captain-marvel
  4. Wow.. You are fantastic. I am cautious about this Movie. But either way your analysis was good. And very informative than others
  5. Wow.. This movie is like Solo.. So near the release and sold very less seats.. I think this gonna pull another solo.. The excitement had died down
  6. Can anyone help.. Can't access sitevother than this.. Is anyone else facing problem
  7. If Alita flops and Captain Marvel become hit.. I will loose faith in Humanity. It will be like we are robots to MCU
  8. I have a question.. There is a national emergency in America.. Will it affect Box Office???
  9. I don't have any problem with Acting. BRIE LARSON IS FANTASTIC ACTOR AND SHE WILL DO GREAT. MY PROBLEM IS MCU FANS ACT LIKE THEY ARE THE BEST AND MARVEL STUDIOS IS THE BEST ONE WORKING.. AND THINK ABOUT NO FEMALE LEAD MOVIE In 10 YEARS. MCU male leads Iron Man Captain America  Thor Ant man Doctor Strange Spiderman Starlord Black Panther And Female lead Captain Marvel ( which isn't released yet)
  10. Alita is 1B+ just wait and watch. The story may not be that good but the experience was fantastic.. It is going to do 300M+ in NA and maybe more. This movie will cut Captain Marvel in half.. Don't be surprised if Captain Marvel opens second at Domestic box office. Alita is fantastic.
  11. Doing very bad in comparison to Infinity war.. 😂😂😂
  12. I think Captain Marvel is looking around 140M OW same range as GOTG vol. 2 which is excellent
  13. In Captain Marvel is going to bomb big time. Shazam under 150M Domestic Endgame under 600M Domestic (the marketing is not very friendly and Captain Marvel bombs) Lion king over 700M Domestic Joker Bombs TS4 Mediocre SLOP2 bombs Alaadin major bomb Detective Pikachu Under 200M Domestic This year is the year of Major Disappointment
  14. Most people spend time with their families. There are not many cinema hall in India so their is a restriction for many. People usually watch movies when they come on television or with piracy. Most of the stuff in India is pirated.
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