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  1. If they were to release it simultaneously people would just... see it on d+. If they actually waited a bit (like a few weeks or so), people would probably just wait it out and see it on d+ once it comes out there. Like, i don't see how that strategy could work at all (not to mention piracy).
  2. See Disney's Mulan in theaters March 27!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. and what about it? there's really no need to keep bringing that up when it's been done a thousand times already. like, literally the same comments are posted every few pages; "oh so much for the good wom narrative", "oh but I've been told it would surpass tlj". we fricking get it lol, it doesn't add much, really.
  4. 1. show yourself 2. let it go 3. into the unknown 4. for the first time in forever (reprise) 5. for the first time in forever 6. i seek the truth (outtake) 7. all is found 8. love is an open door 9. the next right thing 10. get this right (outtake) 11. lost in the woods 12. reindeers are better than people 13. some things never change 14. when I'm older 15. in summer 16. do you want to build a snowman 17. fixer upper 18. frozen heart 19. unmeltable me (outtake) 20. home (outtake)
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