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  1. Views the teaser had on its first 24 hours: Facebook, Disney US page: 10,9M Instagram, Mulan's page: 10,7M (1,3M likes), Disney's page: 2,4M (693k likes), WDA's page: 3,06M (944k likes). Instagram total from US pages: 16,2M Twitter: 22,6M Youtube: 9,3M Total: 59M Pretty good tbh. Twitter kind of exploded.
  2. Maybe people here should stop throwing the words "idiots" and "stupid" so loosely, just because these so-called "idiots" disagree with what you think or because, maybe, they were really hyped for this and so made predictions that look ridiculous now. For real, some of you need to get off your high horses.
  3. 84 on metacritic with 11 reviews, one mixed from The Guardian.
  4. I watched it yesterday and can see why it's getting such great WOM. I mean, people were notoriously excited, and clapped like 3 different times while the movie was ending, something that i haven't seen in a long time; what a crowd pleaser.
  5. So Toy Story 4, The Lion King, Frozen 2 and Star Wars 9 could all open above $200M? i-
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