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  1. Gotta be Avengers. It was the culmination of a decade's worth of character building and a massive event. I think it hit every note it needed to and then some. Packed all the punch, had some incredible sequences, and the ending was amazing. Black Panther I've yet to rewatch but I remember it being good not great. Incredibles 2 was a great sequel and I thought it was worth the wait, however not as good as IW. 1. Infinity War 2. Incredibles 2 3. Black Panther
  2. vault2008

    CAYOM Magazine

    Oh yeah don't worry that will be addressed. There is a jump but it kind of comes at a natural point and I try to spend time at key points during the dog's life. The dog will have a natural lifespan, no supernatural stuff going on. Plus Rudd looks amazing for his age. Still can't believe he's almost 50.
  3. vault2008

    CAYOM Magazine

    GATEWAY PRODUCTIONS OPENS THEIR DOORS With an announcement of 4 films on the way in Y5, Gateway Productions have officially opened their doors and started development on their pictures. Though details were scarce, the studio has released the following information regarding their current projects in an interview with Chairman and CEO Jason Winters. Hostel: Bloodline Horror January 8th Directed by Eli Roth Cast: TBA Ricochet Crime/Action June 4th Directed by Joe Carnahan Cast: Dominic Purcell, Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, William Fichtner, Tom Welling, & Claire Forlani Untitled Western Horror Western/Horror September 10 Directed by Neil Marshall Cast: Viggo Mortensen Winston Drama/Comedy December 17th Directed by Mike Binder Cast: Paul Rudd, Rachel McAdams, Pierce Brosnan, Noah Schnapp, Kathryn Newton, Peter Stormare, and Freddie Highmore --- Finally, when asked if there are any surprises in store for Y5 or any unannounced projects in the works, Winters smiled. "Anything can happen, can't it?"
  4. Love the Endgame subtitle and the teaser. I think this one might be shaping up to be the best of the MCU. Can't wait for more. Hawkeye looks awesome.
  5. vault2008

    Instant Family (2018)

    Big fan of that movie. Had some great humor in it. The standout was Seth Green IMO. Anders did a good job with Instant Family. I was not expecting much but a lot of the humor landed well and the film kept me entertained throughout, even if things did wrap up a little conveniently at the end. I enjoyed it overall.
  6. vault2008

    Worst Blu Ray releases?

    Saw is pretty awful, the US release anyway. No special features, the menus are awful, and it doesn't look good at all.
  7. vault2008

    Anyone else just get AMC Stubs A-List?

    I really hope Regal follows through with their subscription model. We have A-List but it's 20 minutes away to the closest AMC and it's an AMC Classic, and a complete dump at that. Most disgusting theater I've ever been to. Literally wouldn't step foot in it if it wasn't for A-List.
  8. That opening sequence was on point. Loved the shots of the robbery gone wrong intersecting with the lives of the crew.
  9. Appreciate it, thanks for the welcome! If you're offering up Counter-Strike, sure, I'll take it. Could get something brewing. I appreciate it, thank you.
  10. Hostel: Bloodline (Horror) - January 8th - Directed by Eli Roth Ricochet (Crime/Action) - June 4th - Directed by Joe Carnahan Untitled Western Horror (Western/Horror) - September 10 - Directed by Neil Marshall Winston (Drama/Comedy) - December 17th - Directed by Mike Binder
  11. Couldn't find any of these listed in the first post or in the original archive, so please let me know if any of these are taken. Otherwise, if they're free, I'd like to claim: Hostel Red Dead Redemption Swamp Thing Swan Song (book by Robert R. McCammon)
  12. I really hope so. If the early buzz is anything to go by, I think it'll be just that. I'm not sure James Wan has ever made a bad film. I was originally skeptical at him tackling something so out of genre from what he's known for but I think Aquaman is going to end up being the best of the DCEU.

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