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  1. Manny G

    Monday Numbers

    Who woulda have thought that the mule would outlast Poppins
  2. Manny G

    Monday Numbers

    SS is going down, BvS get ready for battle.
  3. Poppins and Bumblebee thumbeling down so fast post holiday. Bumblebee at least has some overseas support to save face MPR on the other end😬
  4. Intouchable was a a phenomenon. Praised by critics and audience alike it opened huge then went on to become the 3rd highest grossing movie of all of time in France right below Avatar. the Upside will be fine but don’t expect it to duplicate that success
  5. Manny G

    Thursday #s (1-10-19) Aquaman $2M

    $300M and $100M inches away, what a homerun for WB on their holiday releases. As a matter of a fact save for CoG underperforming their second half of the year was full of hits, MeG ,CRA, ASIB, NUN even Smallfoot then finally The Mule and Aquaman.
  6. Nope what? Higher or lower. I think that $120M-$160M is actually a great range. I’m pegging it at $145M
  7. Or Another way to put it is that Black Panther a $200M opener was beaten in presales by Solo a $80M opener.
  8. US is opening at $55M+ No matter what, it’s up to CM to top it on the second weekend. That movie could be huge and even pull in Halloween like numbers so yeah it will be a dent in CM legs especially if the general audience doesn’t connect that much because media hype can get you to the opening weekend, but after that if the audience ain’t feeling it there’s little you can do.
  9. Superb, not only a DC best(not DCEU DC) but also better than most MCU Movies (only Iron man 3 Age of Ultron and IW opened higher)

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