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  1. Y’all Friday was Good Friday so many numbers are indeed inflated. don’t except weekend numbers based on usual multiplie take that into account.
  2. Who would manipulate a Dumbo audience score. Also seeing how the estimate for the weekend are keep on getting lowered it’s quite evident at this point that the movie is not clicking.
  3. Huh CM has been majorly lagging behind Wonder Woman since last weekend. What are you talking about?
  4. 62% Audience score for Dumbo on RT 😬coupled with that Rotten score from critics things aren’t looking so good.
  5. That’s crazy to me I just don’t see it happening . I feel like this another MPR Christopher Robin situation where the trades are just out of touch.
  6. Shazam Marketing is just fine . To fans marketing is never enough anyway but this is a $100M movie, it won’t have the marketing campaign of a $200M movie.
  7. Goodish not great with many mixed. I expect reviews similar to MPR or Christopher Robin.
  8. Despite opening $50M higher I don’t think CM will match WW domestic haul.
  9. But this one will face Birds of Prey in its second weekend.
  10. Yup and it wasn’t just huge in france it was huge in Europe as a whole it’s made like $150M in France and $300M more in remaining European countries.
  11. Now the 2nd biggest STX movie ever behind Bad Moms ($113M)
  12. When will Floppins release in Japan? It desperately needs that $50M+ boost it could get from that market.
  13. Difference is WB got Paddington last minute and had to scramble a marketing plan in mere weeks. Meanwhile Fox has way more than a year to come up with a decent marketing campaign.
  14. I’m surprised at how good Escape Room did. I thought the movie was a bore. Took itself way too seriously and became super predictable about 10 min in. The characters were as boring as the plot. I was excepting a fun romp silly B movie but I got a B movie that forget that it was B movie. The final scene wh the plane was awesome tho’ I have to say.
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