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  1. BC is my favorite look (the yellow top is 🔥🔥🔥) also Black Canary has many ugly costumes in the comics I’m glad they went away from it. The ideal BC suit to me is Young Justice but this is is great too.
  2. Honestly Let’s hope the Chinese numbers are not manufactured as the YouTube view count is kinda mediocre it barely trended at #1 (for like a (3-4 hours)and will probably do less than 5M in the first 24h also the like dislike ratio is like 70/30. Nothing alarming of course but considering how well the first trailer did this sharp decline is surprising. we also have to talk about the elephant in the room And don’t kill me here; Western audience are not interested in Asian swashbuckling movies which this movie seems to be considering they took away the magical elements from the animated.
  3. That’s awful a six month delay on a movie that’s 3 months out and already has 2 trailers out just fuck ups the marketing campaign and ballon the budgets thus creating unrealistic box office expectations. Disney doesn’t know what to do with this middle of the road rated r franchise so they’re sabotaging it.
  4. It’s so fucked of Disney to give a six month delay to a movie 3 months out which already has 2 trailers. That’s just setting it up for failure.
  5. Damn DC stans in Egypt representing. Two solo DC entries beating the 2 Marvel biggest events.
  6. I mean it’s not as if they released I 2 week after, that’s they had 1 month between them. The studio couldn’t predict how strong Joker would be, especially considering how unpredictable Japan is. 1 month should be more than enough between 2 tentpoles.
  7. Where are the Joleficent numbers? Disney cooking up the numbers again?😜
  8. Are you being Sarcastic ? The so called Steep drop was always expected as Maleficent was fierce competition that did $153M globally in many markets. But a $100M+ global weekend For Joker on its third weekend is massive, especially when the movie is standing at a whooping 737M. For example Alldin in its 3rd weekend was standing at $630M after a $90M global third weekend.
  9. Yikes. Yikes so will Disney say fuck China and bring in Mushu? 4 months sounds like they reshooting the whole damn thing.
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