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  1. Bird of Prey Friday 6:00Pm full theater, mostly college kids. there was issue with the audio so half of the trailers were on mute ( Invisible Man, Black Widow and Fast 9) the audio came back for the last 2 trailers Tenet and WW84 (suspicious that the audio issues was resolved just in time for WB next big releases🤔 just kidding, or am I?) anyway not much reaction on the trailer besides the stinger on WW84, which is not surprising considering all these trailers are months old and most already saw them. Super light SPOILERS AHEAD, the movie on the other hand had plenty of general laughs especially in the first half, one tiny bit had the whole audience erupts in laughter (Frida Khalo joke). The second half was more silence until the third act when the audience cheered at 3 specific occasions, kinda rolled my eyes at the 3rd one to be honest considering it’s something proeminantly featured in the ad campaign.
  2. People need to understand that a mid budgeted movie cannot have the same marketing campaign as a $150M+ movie. Otherwise it’s defeats the whole point of making a mid budget movie. They need to recoup every dollars they spend on marketing.
  3. Rotten Tomatoes always plays game when it comes to DC movies. The excuse with Aquaman and Joker was it wasn’t steady enough what’s the excuse now it’s damn near 100 reviews and even gone below 89% since it’s initial drop.
  4. Any words from the South American markets? The trailer views on WB Latam not only outdoes the Main US channel but even the Wonder Woman 1984 one. With the premiere in Mexico City this week I wonder how the overall hype is there. They did have a major CCXP presences bit considering Brazil is Portuguese speaking country i can’t see it really impact other countries which are mostly Spanish speaking of I’m not mistaken.
  5. Honestly it going below $180M would be an undisputed blow for the franchise especially considering the situation Overseas is no better.
  6. That’s what many of us foreigners have been saying all year long and we were called haters. The audience erosion has been even worse overseas. The fact that Solo couldn’t even pull a $200M international gross just tells you of the state of the brand in certain markets.
  7. Sorry guys jeez. These are movies you know no cancer cure relax.
  8. Said it before and I’ll say it again. This movie I’ll open sub $200M and won’t touch the billion worldwide.
  9. The only people who have A problem With this are fanboys and film nerds who are going to watch it anyway. Anyone in the real world sees it as what it is exactly over the top the top tongue in cheeks. Which is literally what Harley Is. I mean we’ve had Doctor Strange, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY or AntMan and the ducking Wasp. Those are not less cheesy than BoP and the Fantabulous emancipation of One Harley Quinn.
  10. $200M is not happening for SW neither is the billion.
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