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  1. Translates to $70-75M 3-day for Aquaman like Deadline failed to state.
  2. Snubbed. The shortlist screams of Disney influence, too. BP? C'mon. The majority of the 3rd act had glaringly unpolished CGI, and I say that as someone who thinks BP is by and large the MCU's best film.
  3. I think it's going to act like China. Lower presales but big buzz on opening leading to an overperformance + good legs.
  4. So it seems Aquaman could open to $90-100M+, if it follows traditional CBM multipliers but holiday presale comps are lacking. Maybe Hobbit would be a better comp, if the data exists.
  5. TLK crashed. Who knows what the Chinese public feel about the franchise right now. $100M in China for a damaged franchise with a budget of $100M is very respectable.
  6. It's definitely a mistake. Their previous breakdown was $65M 3-day and $100M 5-day. If the breakdown remains exactly the same, that would mean Aquaman is tracking for a $75M OW right now, which makes a lot more sense, and sounds great. It'll still go up, but that's where I would expect it to be at this point.
  7. Aquaman - $85M MPR - $45M (3-day) Bumblebee - $25M Spidey - $18M
  8. VTKajin


    More than possible. If other major markets play similarly, it should surpass $400M OS without difficulty.
  9. The only thing that mattered was the RT % before it opened this weekend. Now RT becomes irrelevant again. It can go down to 0% for all anyone cares lol.
  10. I genuinely had a feeling for months that this would play out almost exactly like Lego Batman. Popular character, niche animation style. It's a shame because it (both of them even) probably deserved better. It's going to take a lot to pierce the international audience with animated CBMs like these.
  11. It's been acting like I2, so I think that's the fairest comp right now, unless it totally surprises and skyrockets to $50M.
  12. Can't tell if that's a joke, considering Aquaman's 3rd act is hailed as one of the best CBM 3rd acts ever by several reviews.
  13. $40M weekend remains my guess with these numbers. Doubt it can go as high as $45M.

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