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  1. It'll hit 800M OS with a normal performance in Japan. An overperformance would take it to $810M+.
  2. Oh wow, was not expecting an increase for Aquaman. Think 6.5M weekend is definitely the right estimate for the weekend. $316M after Sunday. Should be able to make ~$20M more afterwards.
  3. And then he got the actual date for the FFH trailer a week in advance this month. Plans change, but he's been spot-on in spite of that.
  4. Looks like Aquaman is heading for a ~$335M final, lost too much here and there to hit $340M+. Oh well, CW is still potentially in reach. We're definitely looking at at least $800M OS, which means it'd need a little under $20M more OS to surpass CW WW. Can't wait for Japan.
  5. Aquaman should be able to finish between $335-345M if it keeps playing similarly to NT2, with the exception of Tuesdays.
  6. OS definitely might reach $800M, with domestic looking at around $340M, which means CW total is only a Japanese overperformance away.
  7. Solid weekend. Can it hit $300M next Sunday? EDIT: Nvm, I didn't realize how weak the weekday grosses will probably be. It'll probably be next weekend that it crosses 300.
  8. Having heard what I have about the trailer (I can't say anything, so don't ask), people are going to realize how much they're sleeping on this movie with predictions when they see the new trailer. Jan 19th hype.
  9. Name recognition really shouldn't be an excuse when GotG made it big on its first outing. Even Doctor Strange outperformed both Ant-Man movies. This has nothing to do with how popular the characters are.
  10. This club is going to get even closer than I'd thought possible. It'd have to overperform by another $15-20M to hit the goal, but still, wow.
  11. It's still outperforming expectations overseas, so it will definitely get very close to CW. $1.1B+ is almost guaranteed provided it keeps playing like NT2 domestically. A great-but-not-wildly-insane performance in Japan would put it in spitting distance of CW and give it a real shot and beating it.
  12. OS-China looks like it might be flirting with $500M, depending on Japan and where Australia will top out. Say $295M+ in China and $330M+ domestic, we're looking at a $1.125B final. It's entirely possible it finds an extra $28M somewhere, but it's easily surpassing TDKR and inching ever closer to CW.
  13. It's an inevitability considering DC's slate, and will be for Marvel. Marvel will definitely have 4 films in 2021 provided Sony renews their deal for more Spider-Man movies. Also, reminder that November 2020 has FB3.
  14. I've been thinking about this a lot. Batgirl could definitely happen, since it probably could be finished in about a year. I'm also thinking Black Adam is a possible contender, but that's dependent on how fast it gets a director and greenlit. The Rock is a proven name in December and his schedule is kind of open after Jumanji 3 is done.
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