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  1. No be quiet and stop being so damn annoying who cares how joker did vs star wars only you./
  2. These are not reviews and I can find negative and mixed comments for literally all films.
  3. I dont know it was even released in China seems just like a waste but I suppose to keep the few fans it has there happy. A drop from TLJ was predicted though.
  4. £30 total and a 9.7m weekend insane ..
  5. I think this proves what could be the future for superhero films sure people like light hearted stuff but people like R rated and serious as well.
  6. How is this doing in comparison to expectations its over performed everywhere else in Europe. I guess its doing better then every other DC Movie so that is good.
  7. I remember guessing 25m based on the first day seems like my prediction was a little wrong..
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