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  1. Doesn't it only mention CA like twice or three times? That's not bad.
  2. OS makes sense since as of now it's not really doing that well anywhere(but hopefully that can change), but why lower its DOM take when it's doing better than expected?🤔
  3. So happy that Shazam is getting good reviews! Consistency is definitely something the DCEU needs and I hope BOP can continue this upward trend.
  4. Did Aquaman and Shazam start normal presales at the same time?
  5. Is this tracking bad? What do they use to make these predictions? I was thinking 80M but maybe not...... 😕
  6. Thanks for taking the time to explain I think I get it. I was surprised myself when my little sister wanted to see this movie since the only superhero movie she's ever watched was BvS. I think its a good move targeting kids and teens, there will be a lot of families probably.
  7. Do you mind explaining why people think the marketing is bad? Is it bad compared to other movies or in general?
  8. Hmmm CM is gonna be in her 5th weekend when Shazam comes out yah? Doesn't that make it a bit of a nonfactor? I guess I'm pretty much in the minority, I think both movies can coexist(Shazam and EG that is). EG is gonna be huge no doubt, but I think Shazam can benefit from the inevitable spill out. Than again I'm pretty new at this, so I don't really know what I'm talking about. Just being optimistic ig.
  9. I'm really interested in seeing people's predictions for this film. Some fonts here(and a lot on r/boxoffice🤧) seem very cautious and pessimistic about its turn out for some strange reason.
  10. WOW! New scenes, thanks for sharing. This movie is gonna be hilarious
  11. If by chance you mean not happening than I agree Also hi first time posting, been lurking for a while
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