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  1. What a comeback! AM&TW $3.5 - $13m AM $3.8m - $12.4m MOS $3.9m - $16m Shazam! $5.1m GotG2 $6.8m - $20.9m AQM $7.2m - $36.2 WW $7.3m - $33.5m
  2. If a movie flops "its China, doesnt matter, studios only get 25%" If a movie is a hit "chinese people have bad taste" Seriously, why do you people keep shitting over China?
  3. Wondie had a $37m opening n $90m total... I hope Shazam can hit these numbers at worst
  4. $280m OS $140m DOM People should keep in their minds that Shazam is DC's Ant-man. Anything above $400m is a win.
  5. I had a chance to watch it and my only complaint is the CGI, but maybe Im nitpicking. Kids are great and Mark Strong is a compelling villain. A solid movie overall. Too bad its release date sucks but I hope Shazam can make some $$$$ back
  6. So it's a fanboys war threat right? I got it. Someone need to lock that shit
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