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  1. Discussion of the movie starts at 1:13:00 and ends at 1:25:00. It's 12 minutes long. But if you can't get through that...
  2. Paul Shirey's more detailed reactions to Alita can be heard here. If you've read the manga, there's quite a few spoilers in here regarding which characters make an appearance. What I can gather from several reactions now is that audiences will fall in love with the character of Alita, and they did a great job of making her well-rounded and relatable. Could be a great hero franchise in the works.
  3. Call me paranoid but this sounds like a negative/luke-warm review incoming. Why would he be allowed to say it's a great-looking movie but hesitate to say it's a great movie? It's definitely not against the embargo rules given how detailed other people have been.
  4. This is probably the best way to market the film for a mainstream audience. I thought they might overemphasize the romance arc because it opens on Valentines Day, but the superhero tone is the way to go, given what wide appeal that genre holds lately. And for whatever reason audiences still aren't tired of it, looking at Aquaman's numbers. It's not quite accurate to call it a superhero movie, but the story is too complicated to explain in a 30 second TV spot so they might as well cut their ads as an action extravaganza and have audiences be pleasantly surprised when they get to the theater and there is also a story.
  5. The compression on youtube videos is so bad. I downloaded the 3rd trailer from a different source and now I can see much more detail in Alita's face. Alita1 Alita2 Alita3 Alita4 Alita5 Alita6 Alita7
  6. I'm skeptical of the song based off the short preview but the music video will be lit. Things are really going to kick into gear at the end of the month.
  7. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/james-cameron-way-experience-alita-battle-angel-cinemas-exclusive-135939388.html Jim got the memo. 🤣
  8. Not only is WoM important but specifically "you have to experience this in theaters" WoM. Since Avatar I haven't gotten that message so explicitly. Maybe Interstellar and The Force Awakens were two movies where there was decent buzz around getting the theater experience. Interstellar because of the IMAX/visuals and TFA because of the audience reactions. It could just be my friends and family circle but whenever we talk about great movies we've seen the usual response is "I'll have to check that out when it's on [some digital streaming service]".
  9. I still subscribe to the theory that it's more exciting to hype a film that no one else is banking on. Makes the payoff more glorious if it becomes a hit and you can say you were there the whole way. But I agree people need to dial their certainty back a little. It's a box office prediction forum, i get it, but there's a difference between "I think it will do x numbers" and "This movie will be the next Avatar". On the other hand, even though people are getting mocked for their surefire predictions that Alita will be a success, there's 5 times the amount of people here CERTAIN it will be a bomb and no one bats an eye.

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