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  1. Don't know myself but this is an interesting question. Disc sales have declined over the years but I would guess that streaming rights are valued more in 2019, so on balance I don't know if post-theatrical revenue is up or down.
  2. "Heroes? All I see are junkyard punks, assorted* cyber trash and a bunch of drunken motorball burnouts too slow to play the game." *not sure about this word but everything else is right.
  3. If we kicked everyone out of this thread who believed Alita would be A: A huge box office flop, or B: An insane box office success, there would be like 3 people allowed in this thread.
  4. The RT audience score is much more likely to suffer rating inflation from fans compared to imdb. Alita has 7.6 on imdb and ITSV has 8.6. That sounds more realistic to me. Audiences enjoyed Alita, and they loved ITSV.
  5. In Japan it did 3.2m this weekend and RPO did 3.4m* on its first weekend there (*correction: 4.4m). I don't see a huge breakout in Japan but the user ratings are strong and it could do 20-25m total. While western audiences were put off by the big eyes, i'm looking through Japanese reviews and many see it as a feature, not a bug (KAWAII).
  6. I will spend countless hours on an internet forum devoted to movie box office numbers but I will NOT watch the same film twice.
  7. Given that this is based on an obscure manga hardly known in the west, for all intents and purposes this is basically an original film. When was the last time a 150-200m American movie not based on a known IP made a profit? Interstellar?
  8. Sure, popular movies like Avatar and Frozen will have their rating dip down due to how many votes have been cast, but that doesn't mean the rating system is completely irrelevant. 4.14 is a good indicator that audiences in Japan generally like the movie. That's good.
  9. Here is some good (albeit vague) news from Japan. We don't have a local Wandering Earth or Extreme Job to compete against there. When Alita opened in South Korea, Extreme Job made more than triple Alita's number despite that film having been out for more than a week. Alita and Japanese comedy Tonde Saitama opened on the same day and Alita has been selling more tickets. There's also more ratings and "want to see" hits on Alita's page than Tonde: Here's some more user ratings from Yahoo JP: Aquaman: 4.08 Ready Player One: 4.06 Avatar: 3.82
  10. On GITS they tried to soften the philosophical undertones of the story and instead shaped the screenplay into a more western friendly action hero film. Motoko's character in the anime is quite subdued which worked to help communicate the psychological themes of the film, but that personality ends up creating a hollow action hero. And to me, while I think they nailed the visuals, they nailed the music, the action scenes were well executed, the film just felt hollow. I watched it twice because it was so nice to look at, but the movie as a whole was stuck somewhere between a Japanese film and an American film and it didn't stick the landing. Alita works because the story from the manga didn't need to be changed because it was already western friendly. Alita is incredibly likeable and endearing in the manga, OVA, and live action film. The only thing that needed to be changed is the gore which does not affect the heart of the story.
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