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  1. Indian critics are much better and transparent than these american assholes who gave A to a movie like CM and C/D to Joker. My friends saw this movie and like each of them insanely loved this movie. They were like "minimum 3 stars just for Phoenix and rest 2 for screenplay".
  2. Joker has got incredible 91% rating on BookMyShow. It will end above 85%.
  3. Joker is releasing tomorrow in India. On about just 600 Screens in just English language on premium plexes. Advance is simply incredible. A $1.5M opening is confirmed. Rest depends upon walkups as tomorrow is a pretty big holiday. Put on a happy face!
  4. So Joker had screening last night in India. And like every single reviewer gave the movie 4 or 4.5 or 5. No less than 4. That's truly splendid.
  5. All set to become DC's biggest opener in India. Release on around just 700 screens and sandwiched between 2 one of the biggest movies still going to get a $1.2M+ on opening day.
  6. Haha yes. Atleast they should have dubbed the movie. Don't know why Warner Bros don't care.
  7. Joker should have been postponed here in India. It's sandwiched between 2 one of the biggest movies releasing on Oct 2. Last time the same situation happened during Aquaman, but WB India preponed the movie & actually it did well. Let's see how much Joker gonna do. $10M I think.
  8. After an $80M wknd, what you guys think of it's legs multiplier? 2x or 2.5x?
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