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  1. Joker is releasing tomorrow in India. On about just 600 Screens in just English language on premium plexes. Advance is simply incredible. A $1.5M opening is confirmed. Rest depends upon walkups as tomorrow is a pretty big holiday. Put on a happy face!
  2. All set to become DC's biggest opener in India. Release on around just 700 screens and sandwiched between 2 one of the biggest movies still going to get a $1.2M+ on opening day.
  3. After an $80M wknd, what you guys think of it's legs multiplier? 2x or 2.5x?
  4. That 478k number is including Fri too. Then where we can see top 20 movies at the JPN box office other than Mimorin including all theaters cume? Also Tokyohive:
  5. I have a question guys, I checked mimorin it says that WEATHERING movie sold 478k Admissions but then I checked TokyoHive or basically Jpn BO Sites, it says that WEATHERING sold 505k Admissions. Why there's difference? Also isn't 1400 Yen the ATP for most of the movies? Thanks in advance
  6. What has happened to AkValley? Why it's not working?
  7. Hahah. Adult movie is turning out to be HGOTY 2019. BoxOffice is way too unpredictable!
  8. Jatinder, you got any update on Bharat numbers? Passed Zero or not ? Or Race3?
  9. Zilla is too weak everywhere. 600m for this one will be going to be very tough [emoji3525] Sent from my Redmi Note 7 using Tapatalk
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