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  1. How many cameron fans died this year? Alita flops Dark Fate flops JCS permabanned Avatar delayed AGAIN
  2. I also vote status quo but looks like it will be moving.
  3. I think this will do better than TROS I am really hyped for it and hope it does at least better than the first one
  4. Depending on who you believe (staff or JCS) there is not any solid proof that he actually was alts... BUT so far the confirmed alt accounts are hydrogen ncsoft grand moff pure spirit dashrender and suspected to be are you me probably everyone else who ever posts here XD
  5. Careful Avatar fans are usually banned on sight around here! IronJimbo gets a crazy pass though 😂
  6. Are the forums getting less active? Is there any traffic stats that the site reports?
  7. Probably because we live in a society... 🤡😂 Honestly though be careful insulting incels or discussing them around here, lots of the long time posters here seem to take it not so well >.>
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