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  1. I don't think there is anything sadder than people arguing over which super hero can beat which other super hero.
  2. I've seen lots of talk about Time Travel, can you imagine? SW is something that really doesn't need any TT stuff.
  3. This is some god-tier analysis right here. Do you work in the business?
  4. The memes were/are off the charts. Thanos is still quoted often, probably the most quotable MCU movie by far.
  5. The threads on /tv/ are the fastest I have ever seen outside of a and v! The art is awesome too.
  6. I totally get what you mean, I wasn't attacking, I just was saying I hope I never feel the need to not be caused stress enough to need to block people! I think tensions can sometimes run high when people get passionate about a topic too. I see it with football here all the time.
  7. Really the best movie I have seen in the cinema since maybe Avengers IW or Fallout. It is one of the movies that really benefits from being in the cinema I think.
  8. It was a good run while it lasted I guess. I hope it's a good send off.
  9. Same here, just seems un-left-wing to feel the need to censor views, although I am a total US fangirl so the whole freedom thing might be alittle overboard sometimes. *shrugs*
  10. It just seems childish to me, sort of like when people put fingers in their ears, I guess it's why I prefer 4chan threads, when I see a post I disagree with I just ignore it mentally, I don't need it to be hidden/blocked, I can police my own brain you know?
  11. Not the forum, just bug needing to resort to ignoring a user because they can't take it... rules are good! Hell I wish we had a rulebook like you americans here.

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