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  1. You are welcome. This was due to the call of Rosalita fans. https://www.reddit.com/r/alitabattleangel/comments/b2nmo0/calling_all_hunter_warriors_its_time_to_prove/ But still happy.
  2. This is similar to how I follow Alita box office. (This is a fragment of an old stupid show)
  3. They did not use the full potential of this story. It could be at the level of the best works of Cameron. I liked it, but I know it could be much better.
  4. Raised user rating on Metacritic. There is a simple explanation - the film is watched only by interested viewers. And they are few.
  5. Today, a colleague from work (almost 20 years older than me and rarely goes to the cinema) said: Yesterday a good animated film came out (he watched a commercial and wants to watch a movie). I: Lego 2? Colleague: No, I forgot. It seems Alina ... (In my country there is such a name, but there is no name Alita) I: Alina? I: This is not an animated film. Colleague: Seriously? Very interesting! I: I was shocked Thanks @IronJimbo. I edited the picture a bit.
  6. http://remezcla.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/ALITA_BATTLE_ANGEL_IMAGE.jpeg Thanks!

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