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  1. For any other film, $175 Million would be amazingly incredible. But, for a Star Wars (Trilogy) movie, anything below a $200 Million OW is a failure in my eyes. Lucasfilm needs need leadership, someone who actually cares about the IP...not someone who wants to change it.
  2. What's the issue with the movie? Is it just because some people are bitter about the direction of the franchise, or are there some legit issues with the movie, such as incoherent plot, lousy pacing, etc.? If it's the former, stop being a baby. But, if there are some real issues with the film, then people should really provide a little more detailed criticism, instead of just saying "Oh, it sucked" or "I just didn't like it".
  3. Really enjoyed the movie. Absolutely "feels" like a Disney movie. The film is so "magical" and put a big smile on my face. The songs are great. Definitely a winning soundtrack, although nothing as catchy as "Let It Go". Funny thing was that I didn't even know what Frozen was, when the first movie came out, until I saw the headlines of it hitting a billion dollars. Spoiler alert: People are saying this second movie is the end of the franchise, but I can see them still going on with it. I mean you have two Queens ruling their respective kingdoms now, and one of them just got married. The other is still single. Lots of possibilities...if they really want to make it happen and get it done right.
  4. I love Hereditary, but I feel Midsommer is a big step down from its "predecessor" film. Not scary at all, and not really very disturbing either. Kinda' a let down, to be honest ... at least from my POV. Still worth a watch. The over-arching theme regarding co-dependence is a really good message. Florence Pugh's performance is grade A. As many have said, the direction, camera angles, and cinematography were impeccably shot.
  5. Definitely on par with Spider-Man 2, which is my favorite Spidey movie. And I'm so pumped for the next phase of the MCU. The feeling is so different with this movie in comparison to the previous phases of the MCU ... and in a very good way, too.
  6. Watched Aladdin today ... I thought the movie was pretty good. Not sure why these Disney live action movies get such a bad wrap. I could say the same for Dumbo, which I enjoyed. I mean if people are going to nitpick everything about a film and compare them to their animated counterparts, then of course they're not going to be satisfied. There's a lot you can do with animation, you can't feasibly do with a live action motion picture.
  7. BREAKING: #AvengersEndgame is now the 2nd highest grossing film of all time sitting at $2.188 Billion!
  8. Is it just me, or are people just bashing this film? It's almost like people want it to flop, or something. Why the hate?
  9. Idc what anybody says, but that Avengers Assemble scene had me tearing up. The water works just came on involuntarily. I don't get it, why were my eyes wet?
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