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  1. So 20th Centruy Fox's CEO Stacey Snider is apparently on the shortlist to replace Tsujihara at Warner Bros. I couldn't think of a better way to make amends for Tsujihara's bad press than picking up Alita: Fallen Angel.
  2. The Gunnm subreddit had well under 1k members before the movie came out. There isn't some massive Alita army boosting the score, people genuinely like the movie.
  3. According to Deadline, Fox puts break even at 350-400M. Does this mean the sequel is happening?
  4. I believe that's considered to be the layman's way of determining when something breaks even. The actual breakdown involves percentage of gross that multiplying the budget x2 doesn't always account for.
  5. Looks like they've officially started advanced tickets: https://www.alitatickets.com/
  6. IGN Spain review https://es.ign.com/alita-angel-de-combate/144860/review/critica-de-alita-angel-de-combate Verdict: Alita moves from the manga cartoons to the big screen, conserving her enromes eyes and her spectacular combat style. An overproduction to enjoy on the big screen and in 3D that looks like opening a promising science fiction saga. 7 - GOOD google translate is doing google translate things so I can't get a clear grasp on some parts but basically the only thing they didn't like Keean Johnson and found the romance plot to sappy.
  7. The moment of truth is upon us. Will Alita stand up to the harsh critique of super anime fans????
  8. No sarcasm. Gaga's smug look conveys how confident I am that Alita is going breakout.

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