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  1. Should've let the cat do all the interviews...
  2. It would be, and I'd write that in myself, but I can imagine the bitching about power scaling. Kinda sucks when you have to worry about backlash and how people inside and outside might sabotage you when you're just trying to make something cool.
  3. I'm afraid the after credits will have CM start dusting and she will deny it with her power. 😦
  4. Hurray for Alita getting you in shape! \o/ Looking at these threads right now, I can't wait to see what'll happen around here during the second week. Either party seems intent in sinking with their ship ( one of them repeatedly accusing the other of blind denial without looking at itself ). Well... at least I'll be playing music if mine sinks, not lock myself into a room. 🎼
  5. I always thought IMDb rating to be weird. To compare Black Panther has 7.4 Back when I actually looked at IMDb for movies I always saw anything above 7 to be a potential amazing watch. Coincidentally I was looking for sci-fi to watch at the time.
  6. I guess we should start worrying when only 9 out of the top 10 movies are capes. And they're being forcefed into our eyes. 🤔
  7. What do you want me to add? That I also think you screwed up reading what Elessar said?
  8. I wish that logic worked. As of now Alita is just 1% away from "Into the Spiderverse", has the same rating, and is not an animated film. But yeah, I'm comparing it to a Marvel IP. Whoopsie.
  9. Watched it. This, this is why I base my expectations on what I see. They were sky high, they were surpassed. I loved this so much it hurts. I think the movie is pretty good in itself, but for someone close to the source you can feel the passion. The next few days are not going to be good for my health. Please pull through, or I will have to give up on adaptations for things I love. 😫 There are better stories to adapt, but I can't see them being done much, if any, better than this.
  10. If we started out with both scores around 60% it would have been sort of lame. But these mixed critic % with overwhelmingly higher audience % is a pretty good look for anyone checking RT this week. Now let's see how it holds up when more casuals see it.
  11. Dude, no matter what I think of you I'll always support your right to express yourself lorddemaxus. It's ok. I'm chill like that.

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