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  1. Considering Harley Queen is known as Joker's sidekick you'd imagine the very recent success of "The Joker" would pike GA's interest for a Harley led movie. GA rarely looks closely on whether there's actual continuity or not, and Marvel set expectations. Granted, if that were/is to be the case you'd find its legs to be unpredictable. The Joker shocked expectations for the better, and this one will..? Should be interesting to follow.
  2. They've already blamed TLJ having a bad rep almost entirely on "trolls". So, yes. Hard to switch a cemented narrative and suddenly say "trolls" had a point about TLJ leaving the plot dead in the water.
  3. I gave a lot of credit to Disney when they bit the bullet to bring Spider-Man into the MCU by agreeing to a barely profitable deal on their end. It really felt like something done "for the fans". Then they took that bullet out of their mouths, ran it through their groin and tried to shove it in Sony's mouth, and Sony spat it out. And now the fans are left biting on that spit slathered, grimy, bullet. Disgusting.
  4. I'm seeing some reporters finally waking up to how downright insane the mainstream fandom of the MCU can get. They're all up with pitchforks and torches against Sony because they're not taking a deal that downright sucks for them. "Disney can do no wrong" I guess. It almost makes me sympathize with the extreme Disney haters. Once in a while, they are kinda right.
  5. This is the one thing that irks me about it. Portman didn't really seem to like playing Jane Foster and it showed, so it's hard for me to be all happiness and rainbows about her taking over Mighty Thor. The silver lining is that she'll probably not phone it in now that she has a juicier role. I think she had become unhappy with the role because of a directorial change? Can't remember. To anyone with two brain cells to rub together, it was clear enough that her character could become Mighty Thor eventually, but she sure didn't seem to act like she'd be returning.
  6. Oh no, I'm not saying "there is something newly slimy or underhanded". It's business as usual, as you say, just a tad more blatant and transparent than I've gotten used to. Though I don't know why people insist to bring up Avatar's re-release so often for comparison when it had an entirely different context and purpose.
  7. What makes you think Disney isn't developing an AI to absorb James Cameron's essence to make Avatars until the end of time? Geniuses often prophesize their fate and that of their legacy in their own work.
  8. I think I'm allowed to both be happy for Endgame to hold the record AND think the re-issue was an unfortunate way to achieve the record that made them lose good faith. (which they have plenty of, so they can afford it, but still) Even now I still find their decision on clawing at the #1 a bit puzzling. But they have the best marketing team, so they must know what they're doing.
  9. Nah, diarrhea. Yet still probably doing better than your mouth. 😒 I never had a horse in this race, although I had some fun poking people that did. I said Endgame would pass Avatar ever since the re-issue was announced. I'm just stating things as I see them.
  10. It's too bad Endgame took the crown under such nasty terms. Forcefully dragging its legs through the finish line at any cost. Would've been way better if it just blew itself into #1 in three weeks like some predicted. At least some people can finally rest now.
  11. I'll also throw my hat in for Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. It's possibly the best all rounder for an extremely solid anime series, with a solid ending as well. Its only fault is that it's a "reboot", so it had to rush some of the early content from the manga as to not be too redundant with the first "incomplete" anime show of the series. It's one of those stories where you can tell the author knew exactly what story he wanted to tell, from start to finish. Everything clicks beautifully to great satisfaction.
  12. What the..? What's this peaceful discussion about anime and manga in the Fandom Wars thread? Does this confirm anime and manga are the salve that cures all that is wrong in the world? I think so. Go read some Berserk or Vinland Saga for some dark ages goodness.
  13. So, I assume that in the current environment, this is either going to: - Be the greatest franchise comeback ever. Or: - Have a bunch of articles making puns ab nauseum about its self prophetic title. Is it already getting hypocritical criticism about how it panders to the audience with its female empowerment or am I too early?
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