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  1. Haven't seen it for myself yet but I'm interested. Who would've thought this would end up being so successful in it's OW when it's initial trailer was absolutely despised.
  2. Even if this does well in the end, that toxic stuff on twitter will not go away. Those people will move on to another piece of media to have an outrage over.
  3. Interested to see how BOP would lead into Gotham City Sirens especially with Catwoman being in the 2021 Batman movie. Maybe Sirens will be Ivy's introduction if she doesn't appear earlier.
  4. True, there's not a lot riding for this movie outside of the property itself.
  5. Will this be the movie that saves Warner Animation Group? Probably not but it looks cute.
  6. Those are some different designs, Scooby and Shaggy look like translations of the classic HB looks to 3D but Velma and Fred are not.
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