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  1. Detective Pikachu is gonna beat out Star Wars and Avengers and for best visual effects at the Academy Awards
  2. King of the Monsters looks like it will be a real spectacle like Aquaman, maybe China will come out for this one.
  3. On the topic of the Illumination Mario movie, I really hope that studio turns around with some good movies for once. Sony did it with Spider-Verse and that came out a year after the Emoji Movie.
  4. If only Finn was cool enough to move his head slightly to avoid a blaster shot
  5. I swear, the only reason Finn exists in this series is to be the incompetent cowardly goofball who makes everyone around him look cooler.
  6. Imagine if Jumanji 4 ended up grossing more than this.
  7. Is Palpatine just trailer bait or are they actually bringing him back into the story in a significant way?
  8. Thanks to the Fox acquisition, Disney+ has Garfield: The Movie RIP Netflix
  9. Only so many Pokemon can appear in this movie, if they're not in this one they'll definitely be in the sequel.
  10. We've already heard that Detective Pikachu has very positive test screenings, this isn't news.

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