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  1. What do we have left then? DocOc, Electro, Lizard, Green Goblin, Rhino, Sandman, Venom, Carnage (symbiotes in general?) all gone. That's a lot of the great ones. Silver Sable and Black Cat are also not possible I guess, since Sony has movies planned for them. (Still angry they split them, a movie with both would've been soooo good) Stuff like Hydro-Man, etc could be too close to the elementals from FFH. Also Taskmaster seems to be in Black Widow and Morbius is most likely reserved for Blade. That would most likely mean no Sinister Six And that after they introduced Vulture, Shocker, Scorpion, Mysterio. But w/o DocOc something is missing imo. I guess they still can do them, fill them up with Kraven (he should def come in anyway) and Mr. Negative, which is pretty well-known now thanks to the game. They don't plan DD afaik, so they should also use Kingpin with Spidey in some way. Not having Kingpin in the MCU would be cruelty. And obv we still have Hobgoblin, but that could confuse the GA, which may think that it's supposed to be Norman. Since he was a replacement for Norman in the comics, maybe that is not that important though. The last one I want is Jackal. Hmm, they have still the whole Maggia thing left. This could be interesting with Spidey's secret identity revealed. The problem is, we have seen NO sign of them at all in the MCU so far. Would be a little bit out of the blue.
  2. Not sure if this is a troll post or if you are serious... In case it is the latter: This is a very dangerous rhetoric! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paradox_of_tolerance Feel free to read about it. This is the reason why here in Germany a lot of stuff is forbidden that has to do with Nazis and fascism. Oh and btw... nobody here said anything about the movie's reception. We are just boycotting it.
  3. First, the west is not only the US... Second, AFAICT even the FoxNews seems to be on the right side here (more likely because contra-China and the trade war), so there will be a lot less misinformation and thus a lot more people will hear about it. Well, obviously it is all speculation, but I think this will hurt the movie a lot. We will see.
  4. Hmm, seems Korea is gonna boycott the movie now. Also pushed by Korean celebrities, so not only a few random people. This is a big market to lose. Also some here seem to underestimate the boycott in the west. I will tell anyone I know to skip the movie. And I hope many will have the same values against an oppressive regime. I also don't think people will forget that easily, because either the protests will go on for a while or we will get Tianman 2. In both cases it will still be fresh in peoples minds when the movie comes out. This is not some shitty "Nike boycott" by some racists, who were stupid enough to burn their own stuff. This is bigger. And if you don't see that, I pity you
  5. Holy crap. You could split that easily into 40 movies and I think most passages would be fairly interesting on its own if you flesh them out a little bit. I personally liked the Simarillion (even more than LotR ), I would watch every movie about it.
  6. TAS2 is actually amazing to watch on Netflix. Just skip all the bad stuff. I mean there is only 30min left or so. But they are pretty amazing
  7. When I think of Bond, I still think of Connery first and Moore second. And only then is coming Craig to my mind. I am pretty sure this is the case for a lot of people. Given that I don't see how his Bond can be more iconic then than RDJ's Iron Man. Maybe I don't exactly know what iconic means. Imo RJD's Iron Man is the most iconic role of this century, followed (not in that order necessarily) by Evans' Cap, Radcliffe's HP, Jackman's Wolverine, MacKellen's Gandalf (not sure about this one, but I am pretty sure that pretty much everyone thinks of Gandalf instantly when mentioning his name). And I don't know if Ledger's Joker can be in that list. I would assume so, but there are still Nicholson and Hamill.
  8. I skimmed through the pages... but did nobody talk about the scene shown in Kimmels show on ... Tuesday? If timestamp of the link does not work here, it starts at 6min42sec... It looks horrible imo I am not kidding, that scene is really bad imo.
  9. He did land in a pretty strange way btw. It really looked like he can't fly. So I guess he was indeed carried by something in that scene. I really liked the movie. A lot. The teenager stuff was really good and had a lot of funny stuff. Zendaya and Tom are perfect together imo. Their chemistry is insane. I actually liked the elemental stuff in the beginning. I mean it was obvious they were fake because Mysterio, but they looked really cool. And then the 2nd half is great because of Mysterio. It really did pay off, that they waited 10 years for a role for Jake, but he is sooo good. Even better than Keaton in Homecoming imo. And that is surely not an easy task. Extra thumbs ups for the illusion scene and JK as JJJ Overall my #2 Spidey movie. ITSV still wins, sorry MCU 😉
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