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  1. Master and Commander was freaking awesome, the best historical-setting movie in decades. Alita was a great blockbuster, a manga adaptation no one knew about and no one expected to make better than ME. It's now trending for 300M by March, may be reaching 350M WW, which it's close to Edge of Tomorrow and Pacific Rime in terms of budget and BO. Also, this movie perfomed decently internationally, in some cases, more than other first installments with similar budgets like How To Train your Dragon 1. It's the domestic aspect that didn't seem to work as well for some reason. If this movie had just a tiny bit more DOM success (say 90-100M DOM) we would've been singing another tune. Consider Fox will run out of franchises without X-Men, and that this movie seems to be the most successfull manga adaptation to date. Also, add the fact that the hard part it's done: introducing the character and world, and it was mostly well received by audiences, I'm sure this movie will expand audiences via Netflix or Disney future service. I'm not saying it's a safe bet, I'm saying IF fox makes a sequel, I think it actually might achieve a far better result at the BO, just like HTYD2 turned out better than the first one after introducing the characters and world. Not a lot people went to see Alita in the USA, but almost all those that went ended up having a fun time. I actually think there's a potential market for a sequel there, it's just that the concept was a hard sell for a first movie. Sure, it won't be Infinity War, but I do see it making 600-800M if the sequel delivers the same great action and perhaps a more conventional structure. Feel free to think I'm mad, but I don't know man, I went to the cinema with a friend and his girlfriend, and even his girlfriend (who entered the theater convinced she was in for a terrible movie) ended up liking it a lot, and I don't remember them having the same positive reaction with other recent movies we saw. I think the problem with Alita was just the fact that a lot of people (specially in the US) never trusted it to give it a chance, but it's acually a pretty good mainstream action movie that will get views in post-theatrical release.
  2. OMG, are you from Mars? I was making fun of you. By the way It's actually hilarious that there actually IS a college student syndrome. Also, weren't you suppose to abandon this thread?
  3. That's very interesting, it reminds me of fresh college student syndrome, ever heard of it? It's when someone that's studying something suddenly feels the need to position themselves above everyone else by explaining them what he just learned even if it's not really correct, and neither the place nor time appropiate for it. For instance, you're putting yourself above everyone else by making advanced group psycology based on a bunch of indivuals you don't know, that are on an internet thread full of jokes, taunting, virtual egos and that communicates via text (some times not using their native language). You now why people act more violently while on cars than when walking? Because the lack of human visuals alters the way you behave. Oh no, I'm turning into you! I should go. Time to abandon the internet. EDIT: I'm glad to see there's still hope for breaking even, it would be such a fresh thing to have an unkown scifi ip not bombing for a change.
  4. Those two are another great examples, specially Captain America since it introduced an old character and made 52% of its 370M total in overseas. The rule of thumb might be a good aproximation, but there must other variables involved. Also now that Disney owns Fox, Xmen will probably jump to Marvel branch, which leaves Fox with no franchise of their own. If Alita somehow reaches 300-400M WW, and JC puts pressure/interest on it, they might as well go for a sequel. The character was introduced, the world rules were introduced, if they focus the sequel a little bit more on the script, perhaps a little bit more action, I honestly think it should be an easier sell than the first one. That it is of course IF it reaches 300-400M levels of box office, similar to Edge of Tomorrow (which also had a 170M budget and a sequel is in the works). If suddenly the movie drops dead on 200M then things won't be looking good.
  5. I'll say it again. Movie experience here is not quite the same as USA. We're still on summer vacations. And cinema it's mostly seen by adults as a way of entertaining kids for a while. Kids movies are almost always on top, with very few exceptions. So yeah, if minions got more money than Avatar it's because of that (didn't know that data by the way).
  6. Hi, I'm just here to share my view on 3 things: - The movie didn't come out yet. - I don't know about Mexico, but I'm confindent saying that most of South American continent DOES NOT care neither for opening thursdays nor presales tickets. Our cinema culture it's friday-sunday, and/or the days and timeslots when it's cheaper. In terms of buying the tickets, most of the time you just go and buy it on the spot a couple minutes before the show, sometimes you "prebuy it" online but either the same day or the night before, and you don't do it through fandango, you use the local cinema webpage (which I doubt has a live central database available to meassure those numbers) What i'm trying to say is that trying to measure the market by the US standards doesn't seem right to me. - South America was never going to save this movie, our market in terms of dollars it's mostly insignificant. And also the market is weird, Dragon Ball Broly (90's nostalgia) made more money on my country than RPO and Fury Road, and was below Aquaman for less than 300-500K usd. That's it, i'm out.
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