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  1. Beyond stupid move. Delay to July 9 and Premier Access? Good luck to theaters this summer, I guess.
  2. Should be noted that Black Widow moved out of its November 6, 2020 date 44 days beforehand, and Wednesday will be T-44 to the May 7 date. Its first delay out of May 2020 was T-28 before release. Might give a decent timeframe for when to expect a decision to be made.
  3. Shorter window, perhaps. Though day-and-date, probably not since I believe WB isn't going to be seeing the majority of the theatrical money under the current theater-favoring terms due to the hybrid strategy.
  4. I think it's actually not going to Paramount+ until after the traditional pay TV window for Epix. The transcript for today's Paramount+ event mentions Top Gun 2 won't even be on Paramount+ until 2022: Seems like MI7, AQP2, and Paw Patrol are the only movies with any sort of shortened windows at all.
  5. I'm not sure why Variety included Top Gun 2 here, since they clearly stated at the presentation that this was a title that was sticking with a 90 day window before Paramount+. AQP2, Paw Patrol, and M:I7 are the only ones mentioned for 45 days before P+ so far.
  6. Eh, I doubt the Raya numbers will be huge. The buzz seems particularly muted. If Mulan didn't do great, I can't see Raya doing much better.
  7. Can't say I agree there, things are going to be far better come June/July. Something major will absolutely release in theaters.
  8. The numbers for Peninsula, Demon Slayer, Eight Hundred, and Tenet (to some degree) overseas showed that people were willing to go back to theaters in countries where the COVID situation was much more under control. If things change for the better domestically and big movies like Black Widow, F9, etc. start releasing, people will go back. I think it's a little much to assume that we'll never return to doing the activities we liked to do before all of this.
  9. Underwater was also shot in 2017 and wasn't released until earlier this year after the Disney acquisition. Seems like a trilogy of 2017-shot dumps that not even Fox themselves cared about.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if we get some date moves as early as tomorrow in the late afternoon after markets close.
  11. Bond is United Artists here in the US, Universal overseas. While box office in Europe seems to have fairly recovered, UA is a recently re-launched distributor stateside and seems to be hinging a lot on NTtD's domestic performance, so I think they'll probably end up forcing Uni's hand and moving it to next year. Disney will probably be moving Black Widow to next year as well, Soul possibly to Disney+ Premier Access (or it could take Raya's spot in March since, given the recent shift that happened regarding the creative team and the lead voice actress, that movie might not be ready in time). We'll see if they care enough about any of the Fox films on the schedule to shift them. I think it's gonna be a long time before another movie of even half of Tenet's scale opens in theaters.
  12. Box Office Mojo's number might be inaccurate. The-Numbers and Exhibitor Relations are reporting $400k for it this weekend, a -27% drop-off.
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