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  1. I'm almost wondering if the Godzilla being more Thursday pre-sale heavy might be a good sign, given how walk up friendly these types of movies are. We see the dedicated fans booking for Thursday, while the more lacking current FSS sales will be balanced out by the people simply coming on a whim. I think it appears to be a healthier spread then the presales being more backloaded for a monster movie, but I could be wrong.
  2. I expected it to be female skewing, but 59% surprises me. I was expecting closer to 54-55% personally. Does anyone remember that BaTB was for the demographics?
  3. No, because the worldwide totals that BOM reports are from Disney themself and are completely accurate. Its only the overseas territory breakdowns which are inaccurate, which ultimately don't matter as they aren't used in calculating the WW/OS total
  4. I wish I actually saved the numbers I jotted down for Pikachu earlier, but I can definitely say at a glance that Aladdin is at most on par with Pikachu around the Vancouver area for Thursday. In many theatres its actually lagging a fair bit behind. I'm curious to see where all the Fandango tickets are going. Is one region about to massively overperform or something?
  5. I know there is an clear disjoint between the hourly tracker and the 24 hour rolling tracker on akvalley. I’m pretty sure the hourly tracker tends to not actually catch every sale that may be captured by the rolling tracker or the manual count. I’d recommend treating all three methods independently instead of trying to cross reference each other, since that’ll probably skew things.
  6. I’m still in the boat that Dora is going to do surprisingly great. It’ll finish ~300M WW in my opinion
  7. When it comes to the proportional numbers on the top broadcast shows, Canadians absolutely watch more. http://assets.numeris.ca/Downloads/April 29, 2019 - May 5, 2019 (National).pdf https://programminginsider.com/live7-weekly-ratings-the-rookie-season-finale-ranks-fifth-in-adults-18-49-gains-runner-up-in-viewer-lifts/ As a couple examples, indexing to population for this specific week roughly 9.1% of Canadians watched BBT compared to 4.85% of Americans. 5.25% of Canadians watched New Amsterdam compared to 2.87% of Americans. 5.55% of Canadians watched NCIS vs. 4,77% of Americans. 3.95% of Canadians watched Greys Anatomy vs. 2.93% of Americans, and so on. These shows were just randomly picked off the list too. Of course, there is a very plausible chance that cable numbers may skew this, but given the difficulty of following them I really can't say.
  8. Along the topic of Canadian holidays, does anyone have a general idea of on average what’s percentage of the DOM box office is from Canada? I know from following TV ratings that Canadians watch proportionally more TV then Americans and I wonder if that’s similar for movies?
  9. -45.2% OS and -38.8% OS-CN. Definitely a good hold. Should be noted that it opened to about 4M in Russia though, which skews things.
  10. 450+ seems pretty plausible to me now. It’s at 290.6M right now. Add 55M dom, 15M CN, 12M JP puts it at 372.6M. From there around a 2.1x ROW weekend multiplier puts it at 450M.
  11. You can't remotely compare Us and John Wick Cinemascores. Us is a horror movie, which always has deflated Cinemascores compared to action movies. Someone can correct me if i'm wrong, but i'm pretty sure there isn't any sort of correlation between R-ratings having deflated Cinemascores compared to PG-13 movies.
  12. Anecdotally, Aladdin is doing mediocre at some regional theatres I've checked out too. I don't have exact counts, but its basically on par with Pikachu at this point. Maybe the slightest bit ahead, which fits a lot of what has been seen in this thread.
  13. Holy cow I haven't really glanced at Fandango in a few days, but man those Sun is also a Star numbers looks horrible. I guess there's been too many shitty teen romance movies the last few months or something that the audience is burned out.
  14. I don't see how you get a 53M weekend off of an 18-20M Friday. Seems they expect it to be extremely frontloaded
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