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  1. Us has officially jumped ahead of Captain Marvel on the Fandango tracker
  2. dakus

    Biggest Box Office Dream of 2019

    Detective Pikachu over Jurassic World worldwide I agree about Godzilla over a billion Either Aladdin or Lion King under the original domestically (just to see the reactions)
  3. As a casual MCU watcher I was underwhelmed with the trailer. I wouldn't say it totally sucked, but it didn't add to my hype at all. I can see it being more effective on somebody super invested in the MCU as a whole though. And its pretty self-explanatory. There is loads of Endgame hype, which directly corresponds to an enormous group of people watching the trailer the moment they found it has been released. People need to actually watch the trailer to gauge their opinion on it after all.
  4. I actually don't think Pika Pika will be the sole reason why Endgame falls below Infinity War, but i'm still unironically In for the club itself.
  5. Pika Pika is going to utterly shatter Endgames legs IN
  6. Wow, that's a horrible Saturday bump for Wonder Park. Not the greatest hold for Five Feet Apart either.
  7. So taking the middle ground between RTH and Charlie's estimates would be 29..35M Sat. It should probably hit a 69M weekend with that number.
  8. Out. I really can’t see this surpassing Incredibles 2 in terms of ‘must see opening weekend’ hype.
  9. In I'm on the fence for Aladdin over 100M, but I think the trailer has salvaged it enough to go bold on this.
  10. Rumor has it that it could be anywhere from 67 cents to 2 billion
  11. Looks like you may have called it with the >20M weekend as of now. Atom Tickets too strong.
  12. No, it’s looking closer to around 145-150M as of now for Captain Marvel
  13. I think they must have a typo. Isn't the 75+ million supposed to be the opening day?
  14. I saw that Everything, Everything made 11.7M off of 515K previews, so FFA might stand a good chance of 10M+ still. Ouch for Captive State though.

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