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  1. i'm of the opinion that something exactly like this is going to happen, and then if it even has a fairly normal big drop in its second weekend, queue the "star wars is a dead franchise!" chants 🤣
  2. I'm of the same opinion. My initial feeling is it will end up ~$1.5b. Unfortunately I think it might start with the lowest OW of the new trilogy which will make some voices loud. However I have a feeling it will leg it out and end up at a higher WW total than TLJ did.
  3. Yea absolutely. If this movie is doing less than that domestically, I don't really see how it makes it up internationally.
  4. This is the biggest question for this movie isn't it? I personally think anything at or under TLJ total WW would be considered underperforming
  5. I'm thinking there are 10 jokers on the cover. The comic is $.10. $10mn Monday!
  6. I'm really hoping WOM pushes this to 55m+. I got to see it at an early screening and thought it was fantastic! I've heard the production budget was around $80m so i guess anything $40m+ opening weekend it still good? i'd still love to see it go over predictions by a good amount
  7. I've been thinking about this for awhile now. maybe its possible it could spawn a TV series like Stargate did? Only downside is that it would most likely be fully animated instead of live action. At that point they might as well just hand it to a japanese animation studio and create a new Anime.
  8. OK i think i see what you mean now, Thank you for the insight and breakdown! It seems like something hard to track since most studios probably wont keep the numbers so out in the open? Also, i've heard that streaming deals are usually done in "packages" where they lump a group of movies all together so it would be hard to say "x streams of the movie = X returns".
  9. @Barnack Thank you for such a detailed response! Yes it's my first post, i've been lurking here since January mainly due to my interest in Alita's Box office. I've never really thought about or been interested in the profitability of films but Alita has grabbed my interest much more than other films, I ended up seeing it 6 times in theaters! In addition, there are much more films this year i'm excited to see in theater's than in the past so i've started following the box office more closely. I'm not really sure how to interpret those numbers, but are you saying that 30-50% of the theatrical run would be a good range for how much is made after its out of theaters?
  10. not to add fuel to the fire or anything, but do we even have a figure for what would be considered a "good" post-theatrical run? you look at something like Edge of Tommorrow which has had a sequel announced and it made what? ~$30m in dvd/blu-ray? do we know what films make on average in post-theatrical release?
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