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  1. It had a good Sunday for sure, from both Eric and Porthos. Hopefully the start of a trend. I think 4m is quite doable for previews, bigger issue is whether Friday can improve.
  2. Do you have a BW/F9 comp for this? Just out of curiosity.
  3. Yeah, but I meant compared to the UK where the opening was ok.
  4. I hope so, but HBO Max plus a worse Delta situation will make this open much worse than the UK suggests probably. I think 21k WED night, 49k final is doable if it has okay bumps today and tomorrow. That would give 3.5-4.
  5. Run rate at MTC2 is around half of MK as well (for combined Thu/Fri) but MK didn't have much Regal iirc. Obviously it still looks quite poor.
  6. From what I can see, the expectation on the forum at large is at least 30-40. I could easily see TSS coming well below that which would cause meltdowns.
  7. TSS MTC2 Thursday Showtimes: 1413 (nc) Seats Sold: 9763/224805 (+1006) Friday Showtimes: 3240 (+3) Seats Sold: 7099/534757 (+697) Saturday Showtimes: 3363 Seats Sold: 5155/554605 I had to count a few showings manually because my script lagged out on them, so that's why the "seats available" number is a little wonky. Anyway I have never seen Friday this bad this close to release. Saturday also looks fairly low and probably will have a small drop from Friday. I'll bring back the comps starting tomorrow.
  8. I am in the 20-30 range for now, mostly because Friday numbers are quite bad so I expect it to be very frontloaded, and with preview sales this low as well, it doesn't bode well.
  9. Thursday Showtimes: 1413 (+16) Seats Sold: 8757/225957 (+952) Friday Showtimes: 3237 (+22) Seats Sold: 6402/534862 (+737) No comps today. But Friday is looking concerning. Usually Friday pace should be ahead of Thursday pace by this point (even for BW Friday was running decently faster by now) but here it isn't even catching up.
  10. Yeah I quite enjoyed this one, good action and sets up what should be a great episode next week.
  11. Really? Releasing next Wed and still only at 15k seems quite low.
  12. It won't be bigger than BW. If it opens to half of BW I would consider that a positive surprise given the current presales.
  13. Ugh. No material increase in comps. Can't afford more days like that.
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