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  1. Well if that was all he had said, I doubt people would have a problem with it. I'd actually agree with him there. But the potshots at Marvel come off as dismissive and condescending towards those who don't share his tastes.
  2. Joker is doing phenomenally on its own but you can't replicate that for every DC movie. After all not every actor is Phoenix. Honestly I think they're doing fine as is. It's better for the genre to have DC and Marvel occupying different niches where DC does its own thing instead of rushing to create a sprawling interconnected universe (although I'm sure that will come later).
  3. My guess is Deadline bsed a number to fit their earlier projections. It's selling bonkers in my old local which was not one of the biggest for OW
  4. I did find it funny that a lot of people who said Scorsese shouldn't be criticized for his comments bc "free speech" immediately pivoted to "everyone who criticizes Scorsese's films is a dumb hick". Personally I think every opinion is up for criticism once offered, that's how free speech is supposed to work.
  5. I don't get where this idea that the MCU is all the same even comes from. I mean Infinity War and Endgame which were literally two halves of a story still felt totally distinct from each other. Just because the movies are family friendly doesn't mean they're the same, and I don't get why the R rating is fetishized so much by fandom.
  6. Neither is Japan... I get the impression that the combination of CBM fan audience and reception as a drama (drawing in non-CBM fans) is driving the explosion in Europe, since that region tends to be less enthusiastic about traditional CBM fare.
  7. I'd rather have one on the scale of ROTS with the length/focus of ROTJ's. The one in the trailer looks good but still not quite jaw-dropping.
  8. Europe is the real overperformer here. Great numbers across the board but some amazing ones in Europe.
  9. He can do good things and still have said something elitist here. Having done great things doesn't make one immune from criticism. And "tastes don't gel" is one thing, but saying they're "not cinema" and "don't convey emotional, psychological experiences" is something else.
  10. My bad, I didn't see the version on the Rock's channel. Even so, I'm not convinced that Jumanji was more than a one-off hit. Let's see how the next trailer performs.
  11. Out. I foresee a drop for both but a bigger drop for Jumanji. Edit: Stand corrected.
  12. Since Black Panther won ensemble SAG I can see Endgame getting it, but a Best Picture nom is a long shot (would be cool if it happened though).
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