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  1. Excellent pace on Pulse the last few hours. It is definitely getting walk in business. Updating my projection from 12 to 13, could go higher if it continues to be this strong.
  2. Won't happen. The presale distribution is only slightly less frontloaded than I2. The internal multiplier won't be above 12 imo.
  3. Ended with 64591, added 25770 on that day so it had 38821 at the beginning of the day. Toy Story at the very beginning of today had 22206, has added 4783 since then. Imo it'll end up with about 15-16k for the day and be at 38k, doesn't seem to be much movement from the ~60% of I2 that we have been seeing. Even the pure animation comps like Pets 2 and HT3 only suggest 13 million for previews. Gonna guess around 12 for now, in between I2 (suggests 11) and those 2.
  4. TS4 begins with 24724 on Pulse for Thursday at 9 am. If it's going to have a strong bump in same-day business (normally an indicator of walkup heaviness as well), that should be reflected in today's Thursday pace.
  5. Well yes, but for 95+ seems like it would need to have some significant boost in appeal over other high quality MCU movies (it won't have the appeal of BP). It's possible but I wouldn't say likely.
  6. Even Endgame which had better Twitter reactions didn't get that. I'll be surprised if Spidey can
  7. My biggest worry for this was that they would play it safe and just coast off of Homecoming and make a decent, fun movie rather than build to greater emotional levels. That doesn't seem to have happened. My hype can now unshackle.
  8. Thing is most of that bump was done before reactions dropped. It had an extremely strong morning/early afternoon and the latest increases haven't been too different from that trend. @keysersoze123 it was in the 1400 range yesterday, so today was a strong increase.
  9. imo, it will take some time for any boost to happen. we will see. it was also already having a very strong trend on Pulse today.
  10. Yeah exactly. So basically it just confirms that this movie will be in the expected (really good) range of reviews. Meanwhile Endgame exceeded (at least my) expectations in terms of critical reception.
  11. These reactions seem like high 80s/maybe low 90s on RT. Better than CM but worse than Endgame.
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