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  1. United States -- born in Colorado and lived most of my life in Texas.
  2. Explain to me how obsessively following every bit of COVID news is related to "public duty as a citizen"?
  3. It's condescending no matter what movie/franchise you say it about -- but, as you well know, the point that @WandaLegion was making was about why the MCU's success has been much greater than other franchises.
  4. Peter was a bit player in 3 of those films, so it doesn't make sense to expect a character arc from them. And his character arc between Homecoming and FFH seems rather clear to me. I also feel that "people eat what they're fed" and other such statements in this thread are just a condescending way to deny the fact that audiences have different preferences than what people on here apparently think they should.
  5. I have a feeling its either that or something related to restoring Peter's secret identity (could imagine some magical trickery might come in hand there). It still seems weird to have Spider-Verse right now.
  6. If that is true (and not just speculation from THR) then this is a bad move as it completely negates his arc over the last two films. But it reads like speculation to me.
  7. Ugh. Was looking forward to this one, but the move makes sense
  8. Doctor Strange and Spider-Man are not the same. It wouldn't fit with the current arc of the solo Spidey films. I actually expect the 3rd film to be smaller-scale than FFH (although probably with more villains).
  9. It's too soon for Spiderverse. I'd put money on this being just a new take.
  10. My take is that Foxx is a good actor, and nobody will be turned off by having him in the movie.
  11. In your opinion, but in terms of critical and audience reception, not even close.
  12. Guessing it's like JK Simmons. Doubt they will do any multiverse stuff in this one.
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