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  1. Obama sat around doing nothing because for the vast majority of his term he had a a Congress which was hell-bent on blocking everything.
  2. I've actually wondered about this for a long time. Is there a reason why big event movies are usually released in May? You have Memorial Day weekend but it doesn't seem like that big of an advantage when compared to summer weekdays or (especially) December legs.
  3. Yeah and this is the last opportunity to see it happen for a while unless Avatar is delayed (which is possible). They will never move SW off Christmas due to merch and Avatar because of precedent.
  4. The only thing i can see is if Avengers 5 comes in 2023ish and has a short ps window. But that seems a bit early to me.
  5. Eh...Thor is popular but not at that level, at least in the USA. If anything BP2 has a better chance.
  6. What movie in the next few years will hit half of EG 24 hr?
  7. TROS was very big by any standard. It only seemed small because of Endgame and the franchise it was in. Regardless, I'm pretty confident nothing in the next couple of years will match it.
  8. I miss those days. Every other presale run since felt small.
  9. Normal in times of crisis. The important thing is where it is in November, not where it is now.
  10. This. Even with his boosted approval right now he's still losing to Biden overall and in swing counties in polls. 2016 was about both Trump and Hillary, but the 2020 election will be all about Trump. He won't be able to skate by on low favorability like he did last time.
  11. I'm optimistic they will. That is one thing the Democrats cannot afford to compromise on. If Trump is allowed to delay the election who knows what could happen.
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