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  1. Same, the sense of scale that blockbusters can bring makes them absolutely thrilling when done right. Which is also why I get very disappointed in blockbusters that deliberately restrict themselves.
  2. There is a problem with racism in the Indian-American community though. Like among a lot of older Indians and some of the younger generation as well there is racism/contempt/resentment towards both Hispanic people and (especially) black people. I feel pretty lucky that my parents aren't like this but it definitely exists in the community. That said, the "complicity" thing is really, really stupid. I think it's really dumb to keep calling people "complicit in white supremacy" just for existing in a world where they have advantages, even if they haven't done anything to support white supremacy. That is no way to win allies to the cause. Also, holding people in the community responsible for not "fixing" the racism in their community is just ridiculous. As if one person could correct an entire ethnicity. Like my Indian parents and my Indian-American friends are not racist and are pretty educated on most political issues, wtf am I supposed to do about "personally addressing the anti-blackness in the community"? Honestly the whole thing feels like Indian-Americans with racist parents/families/social groups assuming that everyone else shares their experience, either that or virtue signaling.
  3. I would be interested to see where The Phantom Menace and The Sorcerer's Stone stack up against say the Avengers.
  4. This is still my favorite SW game. So many childhood memories. I remember whenever I got bored I would just kill someone in the Cantina and watch the chaos ensue. It was also great to be able to mix the characters and ships from different trilogies.
  5. My impression was that the theft itself was relatively recent (a couple of weeks) but Artemis Sr. and Beechwood had been working together before that. I guess Holly had only been working against this for a couple of weeks?
  6. Yeah fair. Although I could see it going to ROTJ or RO as well. You are probably right on the top 3 though, I don't think I have ever seen TLJ rank this high in one of these polls.
  7. I had a similar idea in my fanfic outline (which I never actually got around to writing). Basically Kylo went on a Dark Side quest, and remade his mask for that journey since he was back to being a "hunter". However, Hux, being suspicious of Kylo's intentions, plants a bug on the mask. Kylo then fights Rey in Vader's castle on Mustafar and references the death of Snoke, Hux then figures out the truth and turns the FO against Kylo.
  8. For me the runtime seemed too short to resolve everything properly, so they should have just gone for 3 hours. #1 most important thing is avoid Palpatine at all costs. His only appearance should have been as an illusion or old hologram (like in the original script). Doesn't really matter who the big bad is, just avoid Palps (and for at least part of the movie, Kylo should be the only big bad). Have Rey's initial motivation be hatred towards Kylo for his betrayal in TLJ. Perhaps have the Knights of Ren/First Order kill Leia early on to stoke this. Personally I think it would be interesting to see Rey try to be a "Gray Jedi" and balance Dark and Light in order to defeat Kylo, only for her to be forced to realize that you can't tap into the dark side without risking succumbing to it. I also think it would've been cool to see some of the more "out there" Force stuff from TCW/Rebels (for example the Force planet from TCW season 6) where Rey could learn about the nature of the Force. That would give it a sense of importance befitting the final Saga episode. Have Kylo's motivation continue to be increasing his power/surpassing Vader (as it was in the previous films). However, his arc could have been to realize that his increased power continues to make him feel empty (like was set up in the final scene of TLJ). Leia dying early in the film would also help stoke the feelings of emptiness and powerlessness. His "turn moment" could be a scene where his "final trial" in the Dark Side is to kill Rey, but he refuses. After his redemption, he would play a major role in defeating whoever the final big bad was (perhaps the Knights of Ren, which would make it a more personal/emotional conflict for him). His ending could be to wander the galaxy as a lone exile rather than dying. The final battle should have been a massive battle to retake Coruscant like in the Trevorrow script. Have Poe's arc be similar to the final film where he has to learn to be the leader of the Resistance and overcome his self-doubt. However, this was sort of muted in TROS, I think it should have been brought out more rather than restricted to one or two scenes. Maybe have him recruiting allies for the assault on Coruscant. It would have been awesome to see him giving a speech to a bunch of planets from throughout the history of Star Wars, and would have been a lot cooler than the ships scene in the final film. Finn should have gotten some sort of stormtrooper rebellion/coup plot rather than the nothingburger in the final film. Maybe have him try to infiltrate the First Order on Coruscant for some strategic purpose, but end up trying to save his former comrades. Rehabilitate Hux rather than continue to make him a joke. There is no reason why that character can't be a threat. Have Hux be a secondary villain to the final big bad and the final obstacle in the Resistance B-plot. In general make the action better and more unique, also broaden the color palette like TLJ did.
  9. I love AOTC. I love how it blends so many different feels, and the way the conspiracy gets unraveled, some of the scenes on Tatooine are some of the most emotional in the saga, and then the climax is just amazing action. Shame it will probably be ranked last of the films. You mean in your ranking, or overall? I definitely don't see TROS getting in the top 4 overall.
  10. Those are mostly quick scenes that are about the invasion, not just politics. But I think this thread has been derailed enough today so I'll just leave it at that.
  11. Off the top of my head, these are all the scenes were Characters "Stood Around Talking About Politics" in the PT: Phantom Menace: Palpatine describes the senate - this is important to give some context to the no confidence vote Valorum's failure/vote of no confidence - one of the most important scenes in the Saga, leads to Palpatine's election, and is also a key point in Padme's character arc Attack of the Clones: Palpatine/Jedi discuss how to deal with the Separatists - gives important context as to why the clone army is needed Emergency Powers - One of the most important scenes in the Saga, Palpatine gains dictatorial powers You could also include Anakin and Padme discussing politicians but the point of that scene isn't really the politics. Revenge of the Sith: Obi-Wan's concerns about Palpatine: Shows that Palpatine has been consolidating his dictatorship since the past film and is using the war to gain power Jedi discuss coup: Shows that the Jedi are losing their way, and the desperate situation they are placed in. Creation of the Empire: Don't think the importance of this scene needs explanation
  12. I don't see how word counts prove the point. There are offhand references, but many of those occur in scenes that are hardly "standing around talking about politics". Is "saying political words" now a problem?
  13. I have no idea, nor do I really care. The fact is, the politics take up very little screentime. That cannot be argued. And, like I've been saying, if the issue was with execution, why is it that political themes are so absent from TFA and TROS? Especially TFA, which gives no context to the galactic situation or why the First Order is even a thing.
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