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  1. Checked the World Series score...and out of superstition, immediately decided not to turn the game on (or check in between) for a couple of hours.
  2. Hmm, I got more of a Middle Eastern vibe from the production design/costumes/music. Didn't really remind me much of Baahubali or Indian culture in general. Were there any specific things that you noticed? I'm interested in this comparison.
  3. There are definitely some people I follow who complain a lot about sequels and franchises on principle, but are really excited for this. Kinda feels like the "anti-sequel" thing (for many, I know there are several on this forum who are actually quite consistent on this) is not actually a matter of principle, but people don't just want to say "I'm not into any of the current series/franchises" instead. Everything has to be some grand proclamation. That said, I never had any problem with sequels/Part 2/franchises, so I am quite excited for this.
  4. Please shut up everyone. Take it to the Dune thread. This thread is good because it avoids this stupidity.
  5. I don't think Twitter should have such effects either but there was some weird bump last night for sure. Yeah the BW comps didn't move much, but from the pace on Sunday they should have dropped a lot. I took a quick run this morning to confirm and the pace indeed sped up a lot compared to the previous night. Still, the comps will start dropping today given BW review drop.
  6. I feel like it's a bit more complicated though. TLJ was extremely polarizing among the core fanbase, and word of that spread very quickly to the less invested. And if the core fanbase isn't as excited for future films, general audiences may be like "if even the people who love this aren't into it, I'll pass." There's also the fact that people might like TLJ but still feel like it failed to get them excited for future of SW.
  7. Yeah, this movie worked much better on the big screen than I think a TV series would. I don't see why it's so important that we have some big bombastic ending for a movie.
  8. Actually, many big blockbusters from the early 2000s are bombed as well, for some weird reason. Many of them with a suspiciously similar 30 millionish votes. Though RT has stopped showing the number beyond "250,000+", but I remember looking through it last year and being surprised just how many early 2000s movies were hit.
  9. For TROS, both the critic score and audience are reliable. The TLJ critic score is reliable too, the issue here is the review bombing of TLJ's audience score.
  10. In late May 2019, RT started requiring users to show ticket stubs before they could rate a movie. It drastically cut down on review bombing and made the audience score correlate very well with other metrics. Scores from before then are not reliable since many are review bombed.
  11. I...guess, because looking at Eric's, Porthos, and my data from the morning run I'm taking, there was some weird inexplicable jump last night? Though still not enough to keep pace with BW but at least better than what yesterday was doing.
  12. This is a weird defense. Instead of admitting that your post holds no logical substance, accuse other people of "overreacting"?
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