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  1. No way. That's more than its raw total would have been theatrically in that time frame. There is no way Disney wouldn't be reporting that.
  2. Third quarter when the Nuggets made their big run I would say they just got outplayed. But yeah the fourth was just a total choke/collapse start to finish.
  3. Kawhi and "Playoff P" with 0 points in the 4th...LOL. Love the Nuggets though. I'm a Spurs fan but born in Colorado so nice to see them playing well.
  4. Really going to be all LA WCF I guess. Ugh. I'm so sick of Cali teams (other than the Kings).
  5. I think both of your definitions are valid. YA is basically a marketing label so it's not like there's any really agreed-upon classification.
  6. Yeah, I think your point is definitely valid. A lot of people here are getting offended because they think YA = Hunger Games knockoff.
  7. People aren't saying Dune is YA, they're saying the trailer makes it look YA. Other than Barnack, at least, but he is using YA in a broader sense.
  8. I disagree. To sell this to a wider audience it's necessary to make people understand why this is such a beloved story. That doesn't really come across in this trailer, it just looks like Hunger Games in space to people who don't know Dune. And people are pretty much tired of those sorts of movies by this point.
  9. I liked the trailer but not sure it markets well to a general audience. If you didn't know what Dune is it would feel like a very generic YA sci-fi trailer.
  10. Come on, there is a big difference between a disaster response and making box office predictions for fun.
  11. And all of that history shows exactly why high trailer views would be expected. So far the views are good, but nothing out of this world. I'm just talking numerically here.
  12. Because it's a DC movie with a sizeable fanbase and an iconic character. The trailer views are strong but you are massively exaggerating how strong.
  13. How many other hyped movies even have a year in advance trailer lol...this is just selective. Besides, I don't see why being a year in advance would make the hype less than a trailer several months in advance.
  14. South. My mom is from Karnataka and my dad is from Tamil Nadu.
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