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  1. Broncos will have a great defense no doubt, especially with Surtain now, but I question what the front office expects the team to ever do without a good QB. I really doubt Lock is the answer nor Bridgewater. If we don't get Rodgers then I guess I can expect yet another season of wasted talent across the field because of the lack of production at QB.
  2. Lmao I got J&J today, forgot I had gotten it, and just now was like "why do I have a bandage on my arm?" But now I can feel the side effects starting to take hold.
  3. As a Broncos fan....😈 (I irrationally really doubt it would happen but I'll take any hope I can get at this point).
  4. You realize the quote about "not green screens" was him talking to people at Disney, right? It's a real stretch to say that this means that Feige "doesn't know" that movies can be shot on location.
  5. This is easily my most hyped upcoming MCU film at this stage, even over NWH. Hopefully it doesn't disappoint.
  6. Tbh I don't care that much about style if I still enjoy the film, and both Homecoming and FFH have been some of my favorite MCU films regardless of their fitting in with the "house style." Audience reception was very strong for both as well, so that's why Watts is presumably getting FF.
  7. Gemini Man was pretty dope in HFR (way better than Hobbit's use of that) but idk how much I would've liked it without that. I just loved the look of the action.
  8. Interesting. I guess the sample of anime fans I know/see online is just skewed then, because the only place I have seen buzz for this (without specifically searching for it) is on BOT lol.
  9. Same here. A lot of anime fans I know talk about the two you mentioned and I've never heard any of them mention Demon Slayer. I had no idea it was a big anime until the movie went crazy at Japan's BO.
  10. Yeah I was comparing Wednesday, so ignore what I said. The ratio will be better for sure.
  11. Yeah a lot more, I looked it up. I had for some reason thought that there were only a few more. 11 does seem doable then.
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