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  1. Taika's movies usually have a good balance of comedy and emotion (Hunt for the Wilderpeople probably strikes one of the best balances I've ever seen to be honest), idk why people think it would be just a quipfest. The PT had several political scenes that were pretty meaningful and relevant, compared to just one amateurish one in TLJ (DJ arms dealing). So I don't think TLJ was hurt by too much politics, if anything there wasn't enough politics in the ST for my taste. As far as the hipster thing, I don't think its fair to characterize fans who liked TLJ as hipsters as I know many fans who loved TLJ and are not hipster-ish. The film just resonated with them. But there definitely seems to be an undercurrent of that sentiment among the critical praise for it. A lot of critics said it was great for "burning down Star Wars conventions", big surprise when a large portion of the fanbase reacts negatively since some of those conventions were what drew them to the series in the first place.
  2. >50m 3-day should happen for Bad Boys. Phenomenal performance.
  3. 1 (tie). ROTS and TCW series (which includes TCW movie) 2. ROTJ 3. AOTC 4. TPM 5. ESB 6. ANH 7. Mando so far 8. RO 9. Solo 10. TLJ 11. TFA 12. TROS I really need to get through all of Rebels. First episodes have not grabbed me too much but I know it gets great later on.
  4. That is excellent for Bad Boys previews, and it should be a very walkup friendly movie as well. If it could get to 4m previews it could be looking at 45-50 even for the 3-day.
  5. For me, I am not a fan of the business so much as the world/characters. The difference between that and supporting a good movie is just that when I am a fan of something, I am invested in speculating about future projects, where certain characters will go, and discussing it more often than with other films that I enjoy.
  6. I haven't seen Joker so I have no opinion one way or another on its nominations. I do take issue with people saying it "elevated the genre" and claiming that everyone needs to celebrate the movie even if they didn't like it. I had the same issue when people said Black Panther (a movie which I loved) "elevated the genre", and that everyone had to like it for that reason. I don't consider "elevating the genre" something that a single film can do, and I don't think that CBMs particularly need "elevating" either.
  7. Seriously? Awards shows don't decide which movies enter the pantheon of history, people do. Plenty of Oscar winners have been forgotten and plenty of films that strike out are remembered. I haven't been able to see Joker yet, so why should I celebrate it just because people at Venice thought it was good? I'll see it and make up my own mind.
  8. Pretty normal I'd say. Especially with discount Tuesday probably being a lot stronger this week than last. Hobbit 2 dropped a bit less but Discount Tuesdays were nowhere near what they are now.
  9. Those two factors, along with being more of a character study, only helped it in terms of awards. And regardless of your personal feelings on Black Panther, it was objectively nominated for Best Picture.
  10. I am actually fine with the Sony films being MCU connected as long as they're not terrible. Hopefully this one is better than Venom though. Anyway the trailer was decent so not sure why the hate.
  11. People thought the PT had killed the brand and disgruntled fans wouldn't be brought back. Still, I don't see how expectations from months before TFA's release are particularly useful when analyzing TROS's performance. TFA was a huge event that couldn't be replicated, but so was TPM. Yet TLJ had the same % drop as AOTC despite a better hook and TFA's much better reception than TPM, and TROS is dropping again while ROTS had a significant increase (due to a good hook + significantly better buzz) despite the not great reception of AOTC. No matter how you slice it that isn't a healthy trend.
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