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  1. I hadn't even heard of Luca. Guess I should go check out the trailer.
  2. 1. Eternals 2. Spider-Man: No Way Home 3. Black Widow 4. Godzilla vs. Kong 5. Shang-Chi 6. Dune 7. Mission Impossible 7 8. Raya 9. Fast 9 10. Bond Hard for me to get to 10, without domestic BO/theaters open I had forgotten what is coming out this year.
  3. Homewrecker would be kinda awesome tbh, but yeah neither of those would be the title.
  4. How reliable is this person? I feel like there are "leaks" like this about a lot of MCU movies. That said, I do have very high expectations for Eternals.
  5. I don't think today's case number is especially affected by weather. From the test number (which is higher than it was even last week) it seems like a bit of backlog from the last few days was cleared.
  6. Positivity rate continues to drop though, which likely would be less affected by weather.
  7. Pretty clear that if hospitalizations are dropping fast, then deaths will start dropping fast later, since generally people die after getting hospitalized. This doesn't minimize the situation now, but trends are obviously the only thing possible to look at when predicting April/May situations, because we literally don't have "the facts" from the future.
  8. I think Far From Home's 2nd trailer is still ahead if you include all channels, though GvK will probably pass it before release.
  9. Soon it will probably be the most liked trailer since Spider-Man: Far From Home's 2nd trailer, passing Black Widow's first trailer.
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