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  1. Used to think of this as one of the lesser MCU films, but on a rewatch, it's honestly one of the better ones and perhaps the best of the origin stories. The Thor/Jane romance is a little odd and seems forced, the visuals are decent but nothing unprecedented (other than the phenomenal end credits) but the story is strong and earnest, the humor works and is different from the usual Marvel style, the lead performances are great, and the dialogue is pretty sharp. There are a lot of well-done emotional moments, Hemsworth is charismatic and charming as Thor, and Loki was already one of the best onscreen supervillains in one appearance. Another point that I really appreciated was the efficiency of the action scenes, none dragged on too long, and all were impactful and entertaining without needing to provide empty spectacle. A very strong film and not that far behind Ragnarok as the best of the trilogy. A-
  2. It's a private company. Why should anti-maskers be a protected class?
  3. I don't think that was a real theme of Aquaman, that was just the villain's motivation (I felt the overall theme was more related to what kind of person is deserving of power). There are inconsistencies (especially with Civil War and the first Wonder Woman) in how each of those films handle their larger themes, but I think all were still better executed than WW84. Black Panther, for example, makes a pretty coherent statement about the duty of nations which is far more convincing and effective than anything WW84 has to say.
  4. I guess what I'm trying to say is that you could remove the opening scene and there would be no real difference in understanding of the film. The competition is basically just a metaphor to illustrate the film's theme. I'm not saying it's wrong to have an opening scene like that, but framing the film in that way imo makes it more annoying when the theme is muddled. The mall stuff was somewhat plot-related because it gives the viewer information of what Diana has been doing since the end of the first film.
  5. What I mean is with the monologues about truth and stuff like that. Also the opening scene having no relation to the plot and only existing for a metaphorical purpose. You didn't see that in a movie like Aquaman, for example.
  6. Max being slowly killed and Barbara losing her goodness was the price, though. The wishes themselves were granted perfectly. Yeah but other superhero films usually don't try to explicitly push their themes as much as this does, so that makes the inconsistencies stand out much more.
  7. But the wishes did happen properly other than the body swap Steve. Barbara did become "like Diana". Max Lord did become the wishing stone. That woman did drop dead. The issue was the price.
  8. I don't see why the monkey's paw would prevent there from being "good wishes"? The "good wishes" would just come with a price.
  9. Yes, that's what happens in the film, but what I mean is that the message the film is trying to convey with this plotline is something I don't agree with. It promotes the idea that taking "shortcuts" to achieve things is inherently bad. Edit: made a statement about the wishes which is not completely accurate
  10. A disappointment considering the quality of the first, but I was entertained. Plot was just all over the place with a lot of holes, but it had its moments for sure. I liked Maxwell Lord's character a lot. Action was poor, and first 3/4 of the film really dragged, but I did enjoy the climax. 5.5/10, D.
  11. Eh, I don't think it was made clear why missing the blue mark was considered so bad. Like to me, that looked like she found a creative solution after the bad luck of getting thrown off the horse. I get that the film is giving me a "cheating is wrong" message, but I don't think the scene delivered that convincingly. And I don't really think that flying because of a vague pep talk is that convincing.
  12. Start off with the good parts: there were some good emotional parts such as Diana renouncing her wish and Max Lord's relationship with his son, Barbara was effective for the beginning/middle of her arc. Opening scene was quite entertaining and the climax was effective. Max Lord was a very entertaining and effective villain. Overall it did leave me entertained by the end. And the bad: I guess the biggest problem is that the first 3/4 of the film is incredibly lacking in any sort of urgency or momentum. Things move at a glacial pace until the White House scenes, and I felt like the Chris Pine out-of-time comedy dragged. The body swap thing is a problem, both Diana and Steve should have seen the issue there. The McGuffin hunt brought in some of my least favorite tropes, such as connecting the McGuffin to a bunch of civilizations throughout history, and it wasn't even a very interesting McGuffin to justify that much time spent looking for it's origins. The action was lame and uninteresting. Barbara's descent into villainy was rushed. Some nitpicks, which aren't huge problems but bothered me a bit: Steve being able to fly the plane, convenient invisibility power, and why was she suddenly able to fly? Overall a lot of things seemed to just happen too conveniently, and while each one is not a huge deal on it's own they do add up. I also have to say I'm not sure about the film's themes. First of all in the opening scene, are we supposed to think that Diana did something bad by finding an alternative route? To me that looks like creativity. And the idea that getting anything valuable without working hard for it is somehow immoral doesn't jive with me. Sometimes you luck into things, and there's nothing wrong with that. I understand the message against greed and always wanting more, but I felt the film in a way took it too far. Overall it certainly wasn't the worst superhero film but it's a big dropoff from the first. 5.5/10
  13. Yeah this was a bit of a mess with some very questionable decisions. That said it did have som great moments where the emotional sincerity does shine through even with the poor plotting. 5.5/10
  14. Excellent, if it wasn't then you wouldn't have seen such big numbers for TDK.
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