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  1. True, but my main point was that SLOP2 wasn't a signal of some sort of box office apocalypse. If anything, I find that the holds this weekend have been pretty encouraging on the "return to normalcy" front, even if the openers have disappointed.
  2. SLOP had great legs but the second one still dropped hard. Drops are fairly common with sequels to kids' movies.
  3. Black Widow MTC2 (315 theaters) Thursday: Showtimes: 2620 Tickets Sold: 19137/409072 Friday: Showtimes: 4689 Tickets Sold: 10340/733806 Will add estimated $ values in tomorrow's update. Question to other trackers, have you guys been including social distancing blocked seats in the "Seats Available/Total Seats" number?
  4. So Cinemark has dropped social distancing seats right? That would explain why my script is coming up with zeros for those seats when I'm trying to test.
  5. Personally I don't think BW-level presales will impact things much. As you said it's just not in the same ballpark as Endgame.
  6. Idk if In the Heights should be taken as some barometer of the BO if it has a disappointing opening as sales seem to indicate. I'm not sure where such confidence that it would've done well in normal times came from? Musicals can be hit-or-miss at the BO.
  7. Every country has flat parts and flat doesn't equal hideous. I find that a flat plain can be very beautiful especially when the sun is setting and you can see the whole sky. As far as culture, there's plenty of culture in the USA so idk where you get that from either.
  8. Guess I missed the earlier post but three directors is kinda wild. That has to be pretty unusual right?
  9. Are yesterdays and today's numbers flipped or something? It went down 78 instead of up.
  10. That's different as it was already established since Endgame and further so in FATWS. But Endgame promised future journeys for Thor, not passing the torch of his series. Not to mention the name vs title issue, but that has been beaten to death in this thread already.
  11. I'd rather have a Thor movie be about the character who was centred in the previous Thor movies. If they want to make it just about Jane/Valkyrie it could have been called "Lady Thunder" or whatever.
  12. Not before they open. My script still has issues.
  13. BW has premier access and the hype doesn't seem like where it would have been in 2020 due to all the delays. Shang Chi will just do the usual MCU numbers in China. I think Eternals beats both unless the China release is blocked.
  14. Getting good buzz all over the Internet. I am now even more sure that this will comfortably be the #2 MCU of 2021.
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