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  1. As someone who hadnt read the book and hadnt seen Lynch version. I hated this, and it took a lot of will power not to walk out. The movie is 90% the color brown. I couldn't care less about any of the characters, the lore and world seems so muddled and vague I am not sure what I am supposed to even care about it. It's just lifeless and sterile and the supposed spectacle was flat and not engaging.
  2. Looks awful. I'm not sure where he looked more miscast, this or Cherry but Holland is not a good lead actor. The fact Naughty Dog pretty much washed their hands of this film says enough.
  3. ⁹I enjoyed it. I am going to have dig in to see what the crux of the complaints are because this movie seems very divisive and watching I didnt understand why.
  4. Have you taken a look at rocks box office career before joining the franchise? Its like night and day after joining the franchise. Seeing Diesel and Rock together was one of the main draws of five, along with it being the best film in the franchise. Its not like rock was who he is now when he joined. He was releasing duds like Faster. Fast Four, pre rock joining, was a higher grossing film than any film rock had made in his career prior to joining the franchise. Seems to me like rock wanted control of the franchise and took his shot. That's why he made this public. He has the pers
  5. Didnt care for this much. There was a lot of disapproval vocally from my audience for the ending as well. It just felt like it could have been a tight enjoyable movie at like 2 hours, but instead it's an almost 3 hour long slog that I felt every single minute of. I'm still left with only really loving casino royale, while the rest of the Craig films were ranged from only okay to bad for me.
  6. Funny enough the tom cruise mummy movie had a game. And it was actually pretty damn good. It was a 2D metroidvania esque shoot em up. Also, best video game movie tie in, chronicles of riddick. Game was so good.
  7. He may have been correct about that but he also went for months about how it was going to be awful and an event for how bad it was etc etc. And then it comes out and gets pretty good reviews and found an audience that loved it and even with a run of the mill cinemascore that was uneventful. People were pretty convinced the movie was going to be a train wreck solely because of him.
  8. I think it looks decent! In a huge fan of the games and enjoy the milla movies for what they are. I'll be there opening weekend.
  9. I loved 47 meters down just for having the sheer audacity to go with that ending. Strangers prey at night was fun as well. Other 2 were ehhh
  10. I remember critics complaining about the Reggie scene. Which is an absolutely hysterical scene and killed with audiences. Critics are absolutely awful at judging comedy and horror and always have been.
  11. Resdeient evil has to be getting delayed or dumped on a streaming service at this point.
  12. I mean he never was wrong. Venom has always been insanely popular. Mostly because of his design tbh. One of the goat comic book looks.
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