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  1. I loved those films. I've taken great joy in scream factory doing releases of them all.
  2. Yeah this movie is intentional camp throughout the whole film and playing off peoples expectations of what a James Wan horror film is. Its like people can't recognize what camp is anymore if films arent constantly winking at the audience and loudly proclaiming it. Playing it straight is what it makes it sincere instead of so many of the cynical eye rolling attempts we get where they treat audiences like we are children that have to be reassured constantly what they're watching. James Wan is in on the joke the whole film without having to scream it in your face the whole time.
  3. Huh. Apparently James Wan released a graphic novel named malignant man years ago. Going to have to read that.
  4. As far as the vieweranon stuff. I have no doubt this could have tested poorly at a test screening. I also think with the right audience this could have tested through the roof. I also think this is a movie he didnt understand or could read what it was or what it would be for the audience. No offense or shots meant to be taken at him in that statement. No doubt this movie will be hated by some, but it seems to be finding its audience very quickly who love it going by social media.
  5. I'll be very curious what the HBO max numbers for malignant will be. I feel like its dominated my twitter feed since release in a way that doesnt correspond to its box office.
  6. Is the suicide squad even playing anywhere anymore? Any place left to open? It's still below WW84 on box office mojo. If it cant even pass WW84....lol.
  7. This was simultaneously the most stupid and brilliant film of the year Heavy 2000s era dark castle vibes. Giallo vibes. Random horror movie you found on VHS at the corner store/video rental place as a kid vibes. I adored this film. This was made by a horror fanatic for horror fanatics.
  8. Strangely the all audience score is 52%. I've never seen the all audience score be higher than the verified one before.
  9. I watch a lot of older films from the 20s to the 50s and a lot of them are under 90 minutes. Some are just an hour. A lot of modern movies are needlessly bloated. Feel the same show about tv shows tbh. Some of them have about 6 or 7 episodes worth of plot but have 12 episodes. But, in reference to Venom 2, well if it's a few less scenes of Michelle William's sleeping through this, that's fine by me. I dont think this films quality would improve by another 30 minutes. Gimme 90 minutes of woody and hardy being hammy I'm fine with that. Wasnt expec
  10. Short run times are fine by me. Cut out all the fat that nobody cares about. If you don't have 2.5 hours of story to tell for the love of god stop padding it with scenes that add nothing. People whine if your movie is 90 minutes and whine if its 180. Apparently only films in the 120-160 range are okay.
  11. I'm sure she would be cool with a person doing a stereotype of a chinese accent. Oh wait. She said that is bad. Huh. Weird.
  12. Guess she should slap on some black face too while she is at it, complete the character. She is a rapper after all that makes it okay.
  13. Latest hate trend? She has been called out for this for literally years since she first rose to fame off the back of her offensive caricature. Don't confuse you just hearing about it this week with reality. It's not cancelling someone to want them to apologize and address the issue. Its really tired claiming having legitimate criticism of someone as cancelling them. Nobody is cancelling her. Her career is doing just fine. They simply want her to address the issue.
  14. It feels like WB buries every film nowadays with their tepid and underwhelming marketing campaigns.
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