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  1. I just hope Rock actually attempts to act and play the character in this instead of just being the same version of himself he is in every movie lately. I want to see Black Adam.
  2. She is doing it for a pay day and is putting in zero effort. It's a modern Bruce willis esque performance.
  3. Eh, I think if you adapted agent venom or went and made a full out horror film with an R rating you could make a good venom film. But, a lot of times venom was very campy in the comics so these movies fit that.
  4. The fact its low to mids 80s off a film premiere at a festival lends itself to it going to drop. That's the crowd that eats this kind of film up.
  5. I still cant wrap my head around that delay. Went from having little to no competition for weeks to releasing the same day as Halloween and last duel and a week before Dune. Make it make sense Sony. The rumored January delay I could have understood at least. Get the trailer in front of no way home, ride the wave of its success. But nope.
  6. You love when people use fake minstrel black accents to get famous and then ditch the accent when it's not needed because they dont actually talk like that while loudly proclaiming they wont do minstrel accents for asian characters because that would be bad without a hint of self awareness? Cool cool cool.
  7. I will add on another note despite my feelings about the film. My gf and I got there a little early and a younger chinese teen was there by himself a few seats away and started excitedly talking to us about the film. He had strong reactions throughout the whole film and chatted us up after and he adored it. It was a cool little moment and he was so genuinely happy.
  8. I dont think WB knows how to market anything anymore. They went from being of the best if not the best at it, to being inept.
  9. Thought this was just okay. Was a few legitimately great fight scenes sprinkled in the first 2 acts but I thought the drama and plotting was glacially slow and tedious. Awkafina is a triple threat. Terrible rapper, terrible actress and terrible person. She has it all. I find her irritating and this was no different. Worst part of the film for me. The 3rd act for me was great. I wasnt expecting it to be that since I went in pretty blind. It elevated the film for me. Maybe for others it won't work but for me I loved the grandiose mysticism and creatures. Pre
  10. Yeah I never understood that one being rated so low either. Solid movie and Kevin Bacon is damn good in it.
  11. A good 4K disc blows away any 4K streaming. But not every 4K release is like that, in fact a lot of them don't so I see why some arent interested. I've found older films like Blade Runner have gotten the biggest bump in 4K. Apple TV+ has the best 4K streaming I haven seen though, its damn good. I think my 4K disc collection is around 100 now, and I would say about 25 of them are ones I cant imagine not watching in this format again. But that leaves 75 that I felt didnt make a significant difference lol. But its definitely diminishing returns for most peopl
  12. I quite liked IW and have rewatched a few times but found endgame to be a dull slog of fan service and a bland, ugly 3rd act battle. It was whatever for 1 viewing but would never watch it again. I felt every minute of its run time.
  13. All I can think of with The russos is that their first film post MCU they thought having a POV camera shot from Tom Hollands asshole was a good idea.
  14. Probably one of the most embarrassing things I've seen around s film in quite some time. Media seemed to be egging on and wanting violence to happen.
  15. GOTG2 was awful to me. Drax went from an actual character to...whatever that was. What even happened to him taking everything literal? It vanished. He might as well have been a different character. The movie also does the typical sequel stuff where it feels the need to just do the same stuff as the first but this time do more of it. The repeated jokes like taser face that werent even funny once, Like 8 credits scenes. It was just more to excess without quality or reason. Chris Pratt's flat, bad acting that cant carry any dramatic scene. The need to follow up any dramati
  16. This was it for me. You can play an unlikable character and still be funny and give a good performance. He wasnt unlikable because of the character, he was unlikable because he wasn't funny and the performance belongs to a golden raspberry nomination. He was bad at being bad, in simple terms.
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