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  1. Yeah these pictures are not flattering. This looks like bad in these stills. Hoping the trailer wins me over. I enjoyed the Milla movies as silly B movie cheesiness since the games are mostly that.
  2. This wasnt very good. This was the equivalent of a cheeseburger at McDonalds.
  3. Taika delivered probably the worst performance in a film I have seen in the last couple years in this. Just pure cringe inducing and painfully unfunny. I was embarrassed every time he was on screen.
  4. It really is an incredible film. I consider it a master class in directing. The way the suspense slowly builds and you feel so claustrophobic, stressed and panicked even before the creatures show up. And the moment they do was one of the most effective jump scares I've ever experienced. All the more puzzling is Neil Marshall's movie career afterwards never even coming close to The Descent.
  5. Horror films are doing just fine. Conjuring 2, quiet place 2, old etc are not failures by any metric.
  6. There was a huge spike in vaccine appointments following the news so, I think you're wrong.
  7. I just finished an entire rewatch of the MCU in 4K physical. They're very bland 4K discs. Hugely disappointing. The colors dont pop like they should in comparison to some other stuff. Funny enough I put on Planet Earth II after and that was incredible in 4K physical.
  8. I have a hard time believing this cost $80M. Where you get this from?
  9. I bet they saw the huge numbers for spidey trailer and decided to push it back behind it to get some of the after shock.
  10. I havent been this genuinely happy and excited for a comic book film since those BVS and SS trailers. Hopefully this goes better than that did. 😂
  11. That's a good catch. So that's 5 villains shown in the trailer in some capacity. Wonder if someone will catch some glimpse of rhino in there or something
  12. Overall I thought the trailer was good. I think this does a billion easy. I'm not too fussed over them making a traditional sequel to far from home since I thought it was one of my least favorite spidey films. I'm all in for this being a chaotic messy fun time.
  13. Endgame was 3 hours of fan service and MCU clips show with some eye rolling plot contrivances and I didnt hear many complaints about that.
  14. Was it just me or did doctor strange hair look really bad? I know it's a weird complaint but I found it so distracting lol
  15. I was really hoping for a blomkamp come back. Particularly because I thought all those Oats studios short film were pretty good. Sucks to see him keep spiraling.
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