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  1. Did it cross the 20m OS-C Friday mark everyone was so worried about?
  2. Really? I just went by the number on Boxoffice mojo, and it had China's total at 359m.
  3. Not really, it can easily do that with the formula HouseofTheSun provided. IW made 359m in China +250m = 609m IW made 678 Domm + 250m = 928m IW made 1.01B OS minus China, so only a 25% increase gets it to 1.25B, and past Avatar.
  4. Appreciate you letting us know, especially considering your upcoming exams.
  5. Agreed, I remember watching something on this incident in 2008. They said that the only reason it didn't cause a shitstorm was because he was gay, they said if he was straight they would have had him booked for sexual assault.
  6. I honestly was expecting this whole weekend to be one big nervefest where all of us would be biting our nails wondering if it could crawl past 300m. And here we are, and there is literally zero doubt about crossing 300m, none. What was once impossible has become inevitable, wow. We're not seeing any movie come close to this for years, if not more than a decade.
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