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  1. More Epic, More Adventure, More Magic .. I loved it !! There needs to be more Drama n Depth to some scenes/plots though in these kinda Epic Adventure Journey movies to fully bring out Emotions .. But its fine for me, cuz i love this world, I love Elsa .. She is Amazing !! That Lead scene to 'Show Yourself' and the song is WOW, that just is enough for me .. An absolute joy to watch, on Big Screen ! The Final act of the movie z Amazing, Perfect ! I love the ending. The Animation n Visuals are Spectacular .. I loved the songs even more watching em ! Olaf got very good moments ! B
  2. She is a good performer .. Most of the times, It all comes down to that ! I loved her in Mamma Mia ! Naomi is new, didn't like her in power rangers .. Playing Jasmine is a huge task, Her voice is her big asset though !
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