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  1. All things considered, from the trailer, the cinematography, colors, set design, and dance choreography actually looked spot-on. The only huge problem was the bizarre art direction for the cats.
  2. How many reviews so far? Difference between total and verified looks like some review bombing going on.
  3. I think this will do very well among the older crowd. Could be a mild success. The trailer hit all the right notes.
  4. Lion King is my favorite movie of all time, I've gotta give this remake a try at least but my expectations are set pretty low
  5. The writing room does a great job of making sure the continuity makes sense. I also appreciate that while the movies do tie in together, many are separate enough that I can pick and choose which to go see in theaters and not feel completely lost for the big team-up films. As for the Endgame v. Avatar nonsense, a win's a win, guys.
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