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  1. Seems like both sides are to blame, and MCU fans are caught in the crosshairs
  2. Fox Searchlight is the biggest producer of "Oscar bait." Its closure would be a huge blow to the sub-genre. The runner-up is, what, Annapurna? Lol
  3. It's not great, but the other two options were Comcast (would have been worse than the Disney acquisition, probably) and Fox completely imploding in a couple years as they fail to adapt to the age of blockbuster franchises.
  4. Does RDJ have that much star power these days? He was a big star before Iron Man and for a couple years after, but he's been exclusively Iron Man for a while now.
  5. DreamWorks is putting out another movie this year? Surprised I haven't heard about it. Is it being undermarketed?
  6. Someone posted it on r/DCEULeaks. I've shared it with a few people via DM.
  7. Dark Phoenix was a huge flop, but I bet Disney was planning to wipe Fox's slate anyway. They just found a good excuse.
  8. Not a bomb by any means, but certainly an underperformance for the franchise. Maybe it would have done better if they called it Furious 9 instead?
  9. I still haven't watched the Frozen 2 trailer lol (the teaser already sold me)
  10. Good. The teaser they've been putting out before family movies is terrible. I'm pretty sure it is dissuading more people from seeing the movie than it is selling the movie.
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