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  1. Avatar 2 will make a tidy profit but I'd be surprised if it even passes Titanic, let alone the ridiculous expectations of some of the James Cameron fans here.
  2. Love TLJ but you're right ESB left a big cliffhanger that had to be resolved with ROTJ ROTS had the hook of showing the final transformation of Anakin to Vader TLJ didn't really set up a reason for people to anticipate TROS which resulted in its lower OW But TROS can only blame itself for its collapsing legs
  3. Yeah, pretty much every franchise can be thrilled with 1.5B Even Avatar
  4. TLK 2019 is animated despite Disney pretending it is "live-action" But its being considered live-action means that quality wins so whatever
  5. Part of why I'm more pessimistic about Avatar 2 is because I don't see the big technical revolution yet. They are hyping up the underwater capture technology, but will the difference between how Avatar 2 does it versus other movies like Aquaman be obvious to the general audience? Maybe there will be great CG but other franchises certainly have not been slacking in that department.
  6. I wonder how much money Universal will lose on Dolittle
  7. Disney's fast-tracking its Star Wars and Marvel content for Disney+ it seems. Clone Wars in February 2020 hype
  8. DC course corrected. Lucasfilm hasn't had the chance yet. Let's see how they handle the next Star Wars movies, Disney+ series, etc first.
  9. Dolittle seems to have had a rough production but it won't be nearly as bad as Cats
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