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  1. Yeah, I can't think of a single reason why you would call it the Chinese virus except to purposely tie the pandemic to a certain ethnicity. If you want to distinguish it from other coronaviruses, call it COVID-19.
  2. The $20 rental is looking pretty foolish now with other studios just going straight to digital or delaying in the hopes of finding room for a theatrical release later.
  3. Bernie already got Biden to adopt one of his policy plans, didn't he? So the idea of running to push the policy platform left is moot at this point, too.
  4. WW84 will be the next overpredicted DC movie. It will do well but I'm not sure if it will do "1 billion" well.
  5. Oh, shit, the virus has adapted to infect inanimate objects, too! We're all screwed!
  6. Ha Fr though I'm sure she and Bob Iger had discussions about the potential impact of coronavirus Iger clearly decided to retire early to leave the new Bob to deal with the mess
  7. I'm glad Sonic released just in time to beat Pikachu domestic so I could win my bet. If it released in March it would have been screwed over.
  8. I keep forgetting this is a June release rather than November for some reason. Guess this will be delayed, too.
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