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  1. In terms of quality, Pikachu has already broken the curse for me. We'll see how close it gets to breaking the curse box office-wise.
  2. I still have faith in Godzilla 2. Big CGI monster mash should do well in Asia for the same reasons Aquaman did barring some unforeseen localization difficulties or poor quality
  3. Not that low since Aladdin is more popular than Dumbo, but I'd set expectations pretty low. That everything in May under 80 OW is looking pretty good. I wonder if I can still join
  4. How dare you root for two competing movies. You shame this forum
  5. 56M OW isn't great. Hopefully BOP is underpredicting this time
  6. BOP pegging Detective Pikachu at $56 million, range from $50-75 million. https://www.boxofficepro.com/weekend-forecast-avengers-endgame-detective-pikachu-pokemon-hustle-poms-tolkien/
  7. Maybe that "leak" yesterday reminded a bunch of people that Detective Pikachu exists. I'll probably have to pre-order a ticket myself. Showings are filling up in my area for my preferred Friday night time. Pah.
  8. What type of shitty-ass bar graph is this?! Bars aren't proportional at all lmao
  9. BOT is in Pokemeltdown mode and the movie hasn't even come out yet
  10. Hard disagree. If anything, Disney's upcoming slate shows their commitment to the Avatar franchise despite its limited long-term impact.
  11. $150M budget is a bit higher than expected, but Pikachu should still break even if it falls on the low-end of tracking.
  12. I totally forgot about this. Does Kong even have a chance?
  13. Avatar vs. Avengers. Outgrosses Endgame WW... on its opening weekend!
  14. This thread is going to reach 1000 pages before we get a trailer for Avatar 2 at this rate
  15. The good thing is that Disney is planning to alternate between Avatar and Star Wars for their holiday tentpole. Disney clearly intends for Avatar to be their next huge franchise.
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