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  1. Hopefully Poms is good and does well. STX Entertainment needs a win after taking that massive L with Uglydolls
  2. The Hustle got a couple laughs from my Endgame showing if that's any consolation
  3. WB really mismanaged the LEGO franchise. They better not do my boy Pokemon dirty like that
  4. I don't get why people would pre-order tickets so early? What's the benefit? Is demand for FFH that high that you have to reserve seats for opening night already?
  5. I don't really see a replacement for BatB. Pikachu could be the 80 million OW if it blows up. Aladdin and Godzilla will probably be 60 million each.
  6. Why is everyone raising their predictions for Pikachu? Did I miss something?
  7. Would enough people show up for an Avatar re-release? It'd probably make a buck or two in China, but everywhere else? I'm not sure if there's any interest. I'd go since I haven't seen Avatar in 3D yet.
  8. Yeah. The Titanic vs. Endgame debate is pointless. They're too far removed from one another and released in completely different conditions.
  9. I have no horse in this race, but maybe, just maybe it isn't cool to walk into a thread for a movie and shit on that movie's fanbase...
  10. The love story in Titanic was basic but carried by strong performances. The real star of the show for Titanic was the recreation of the ship (and the flashy sinking sequence, of course).
  11. Titanic was also a technical achievement, though not to the same extent as the other films you listed
  12. Good. 3D is an overpriced blight on the movie industry.
  13. Endgame was originally planned to be Infinity War Part 2. Endgame directly follows up on the events of Infinity War with no time-skip between movies and no MCU movies in-between. Endgame is Infinity War Part 2 in all but name.
  14. I guess the idea is that Star Wars fans are supposed to be jealous that Star Wars isn't the one to pass Avatar WW? Weird-ass headline
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