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  1. Looking like the best Endgame prediction in this thread.
  2. I mean, in theory Fat Thor, prince of Asgard, would have been able to walk in and get it without too much hassle. Except maybe from Heimdall (who probably should have popped up asking WTF was up with 2 Thors?).
  3. I hope McFeely and Markus will talk even more about the planning and rejected ideas for AIW and AE at some point. I had completely forgotten that the Tesseract was on Asgard in 2013 during T:TDW, meaning that would have been the smarter way to get the Space Stone, instead of the high stakes attempt during the TA Battle of New York in 2012.
  4. The reason why I think DS2 is '21 and not '20 is that Marvel currently only has 2 films for '20 (because GotG3 got pushed), and 3 per year after that.
  5. I see: Shang-Chi to '20 Nov The Eternals to '21 Captain Marvel to '22 I don't think we'll have X-Men by 2023, I have no idea what 2023+ looks like. Edit: Also Sony loves to push a Spider-Man out every two years, so somehow Spider-Man 3 in '21. Black Panther to '22?
  6. 12 theaters in the US, and you can still get a seat at a few of them.
  7. @VenomXXRThat graph seems to indicate about 410,000,000 yuan.
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