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  1. Aladdin was the superior film and best remake. TLK is the only live action remake I haven't liked aside from Alice.
  2. Toy Story 4 has been up week over week both today and yesterday. Aladdin has been flat week over week.
  3. Watch it from the beginning. Have seen both and without question I can say that Aladdin is the superior movie despite me liking the animated TLK more than the animated Aladdin. And audiences seem to agree.
  4. Because Mario is more GA friendly and less isolating to people that aren't garcore fans of the franchise as was the case with Pokemon. It failed to get anyone outside of the fanbase to watch.
  5. Wait if that Eiga number is right wouldn't that mean Aladdin made over 90m by Sunday and is currently over 92m with Monday?
  6. Saw an interesting post on reddit asking why people there had MPR and Aladdin mixed up based on expectations for the box office. If they only knew that the predictions here for both films were even more extreme and backwards
  7. No actuals from corpse for last weekend?
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