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  1. Aladdin was probably one of the most mismanaged and poorly marketed movies of 2019. Easily the most mismanaged Disney one.
  2. That's some sick revisionist history you have there. Expectations were pretty damn high for TFA.
  3. If It follows TLJ drops from this weekend on it will reach 1.06b. I don't see the TS4 or 1.08b numbers.
  4. I think its premature to say that. I think 2020 is going to surprise a lot of people with how well certain films are going to do. As for this year and TRoS, Star Wars should have been the powerhouse. It should have been competing with the likes of Frozen II, the non Avenger Marvel films, and TLK, not sitting with a Rated R Joker and a live action Aladdin that was the most mismanaged Disney film of the year.
  5. TRoS will be the first mainline Star Wars film to miss the yearly top 5. I think that's the best indicator to objectively illustrate the decline of the franchise. Rather than undercutting how disappointing its run has been so far with the whole "it still crossed a billion so it's still a success" nonsense.
  6. So you are counting marketing budget even though those are usually covered with ancillaries but ignoring the marketing budget and campaign for TRoS which was arguably just as massive?
  7. 30m weekend looks about right as of now for TRoS. Pretty bad overall. More curious about the international numbers as thos will determine how badly TRoS will limp past 1b or of it will even need a push by Disney to get there in the first place.
  8. I think it's still a useful stat. Problem is people just twisted the 86 and tried to paint it as a good score when in reality it correlates with a B+ cinema score. Which isn't good for a franchise film.
  9. My guess is that Disney is going to play it optimistic to avoid even more panic from headlines.
  10. The fact that they arent releasing daily International numbers this early in the run and for a Friday is quite telling.
  11. Higher than TLJ's second weekend because it had a holiday boost inflating its numbers? Meanwhile TLJ is going to steam far ahead of TROS in dailies starting Monday. I don't see any overreaction at all. This movie is heading for a dreadful 9th place finish among the 2019 top grossing movies worldwide.
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