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  1. Wait if that Eiga number is right wouldn't that mean Aladdin made over 90m by Sunday and is currently over 92m with Monday?
  2. Saw an interesting post on reddit asking why people there had MPR and Aladdin mixed up based on expectations for the box office. If they only knew that the predictions here for both films were even more extreme and backwards
  3. No actuals from corpse for last weekend?
  4. I thinks its really silly to claim Illumination fatigue is setting in, when this is literally the first underperformer they have put out.
  5. Wonder if TS4 can beat Aladdin in total. Big opening seem to mean less in Japan.
  6. Anything less than 3.2m for the last 7 days overseas is going to disappoint me and call into question whether this is actually taking number one.
  7. Kinda off topic but somewhat related to Pikachu but are any of you expecting big number for Mortal Kombat or the Mario movie in Japan? Mario is especially big there, wonder if its wide appeal can help it to truly crossover and be the first true video game breakout in the region.
  8. I think TLK will screw this dream up. Didn't Corpse make a post a while back saying Aladdin and The Little Mermaid were the biggest renaissance films in Japan, not The Lion King?
  9. So why is Aladdin doing so well? Specifically here and Japan? Was the original animation that beloved in both territories or does it have something to do with the live action elements itself?
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