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  1. Yeah, super receptive crowd when I saw it on Tuesday. It's a movie that lends itself well to vocal reactions (laughing, gasping, cheering, clapping) but the audience wasn't SO vocal that it got annoying.
  2. What's the MOST reviewed movie on Rotten Tomatoes? Because Joker has 497 critic reviews counting toward its score currently.
  3. Guys, wanna pool our resources to buy BoxOfficeMojo back from Amazon I can pitch in $2.50... how much more we need?
  4. I keep going on BOM to casually look up something only to remember that the redesign exists and it makes everything harder. Only now do I realize how many times I use that site in a day...
  5. It seems like all of JJ's high profile gigs are always surrounded by leaks and spoilers. You'd think there'd be more in place to prevent this by now.
  6. Bizarre, $275M would take care of the production costs, but marketing didn't cost $0 and surely Will Smith takes participations?
  7. Personally under 80 would feel like a disappointment. I think most expect/hope for it to at least beat Venom's October opening.
  8. Watch it fall below 70 now, after RT was so careful to wait until they were sure it wouldn't, and they have to revoke the Certified Fresh badge lol
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