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  1. RT verified audience score is up to 72%. It's only been rising, having started out in the 50s. I see no reason it gets an F Cinemascore, it'll probably have a higher score than Hereditary's D+ as well. It definitely seems that the audience is less general audience and more Aster/A24/arthouse fans, while Hereditary and its marketing had much more broad initial appeal.
  2. https://deadline.com/2019/07/spider-man-far-from-home-july-4th-weekend-box-office-midsommar-1202641901/?v=12 Deadline's saying sub-$10M production cost with primarily digital/social marketing.
  3. Given the PostTrak score and the fact it's at 70% RT audience score right now, I doubt it gets an F. You say they "must have only asked Aster fanboys" but I think Hereditary was effective enough at weeding out the weak that the opening night audience was mostly people who are a fan of Aster since people who disliked Hereditary are probably staying away for now.
  4. It's a very, very different movie. Hereditary has a much more strict structure that it sticks to, and while it is surely uniquely disturbing, it follows horror conventions a lot more closely than Midsommar. Midsommar is its own beast. I get the feeling there will be plenty of people who liked Hereditary but will hate this movie. Or at least be disappointed. I am not personally one of those people, I thought it was excellent, but every way this movie strays from conventions is another reason for someone to dislike it. I won't overplay it because this is an inherently divisive film and every praise this movie gets is fuel for someone else's disappointment, but it's certainly one of the most strange and unique films I have ever seen. I felt quite rattled when the credits rolled.
  5. The theater I saw it in (a tiny auditorium of around 50 seats, probably only around half full) didn't experience any walk-outs, I think Hereditary kind of weeded out the weak on this one and the fact that these people are willing to see Aster's next film while everyone else in the theater is seeing Spider-Man hopefully means they appreciate movies enough not to do that. That said, when the credits rolled, the theater was completely silent and nobody got up for a good portion of the first set of credits. It's what I imagine the reaction would have been to Hereditary if the screenings weren't full of annoying teenagers. I'm so interested to see what the Cinemascore will be. I can't imagine it gets an F.
  6. https://deadline.com/2019/06/spider-man-far-from-home-box-office-opening-worldwide-avengers-endgame-1202639877/
  7. They also spoil a part of the set-up (which has been purposely kept a secret) in their review, and this spoiler also shows up in their Rotten Tomatoes quote so people should be wary of that.
  8. Again, using the word "lately" when you are comparing two films that came out about a year apart is a bit odd. It's not like A24 is placing restrictions on their films to be more "fun," esp. considering how happy they were with Hereditary. This film was in production before Hereditary came out, and was written a good bit before that. And thus far I haven't seen critics complaining about the humor or believing it's shoehorned in. This is the film it was always meant to be. If you don't like that, fine. But don't criticize a movie for having humor just because it's not explicitly a comedy.
  9. Exactly. People don't realize how tangential humor is to horror. Ari Aster's shorts show this as well. His explicitly humorous ones have horror and vice versa.
  10. My dude Hereditary came out only a year ago ("nowadays" lol) and this screenplay was written ages ago. You frame it as if Aster is giving in to some societal pressure for his movie to have humor in it. Even if Hereditary had perfect tone, you realize that doesn't mean he has to make his next movie identical in tone to Hereditary, right?
  11. No spoilers, they skirt around plot elements and say some vague things that obviously mean something to people who have seen the movie but themselves aren't spoilers. Interesting interview, though. One interesting thing is that Jordan Peele only saw the unfinished version of the movie, without vfx and whatnot, and still gave that sort of praise. Aster said he wondered what Peele would think of the final product.
  12. Critics are starting to get invites to a June 18th screening, so we'll likely start getting reactions then.
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