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  1. Yeah, super receptive crowd when I saw it on Tuesday. It's a movie that lends itself well to vocal reactions (laughing, gasping, cheering, clapping) but the audience wasn't SO vocal that it got annoying.
  2. Guys, wanna pool our resources to buy BoxOfficeMojo back from Amazon I can pitch in $2.50... how much more we need?
  3. I keep going on BOM to casually look up something only to remember that the redesign exists and it makes everything harder. Only now do I realize how many times I use that site in a day...
  4. Bizarre, $275M would take care of the production costs, but marketing didn't cost $0 and surely Will Smith takes participations?
  5. Hmmmm... TIFF People's Choice Awards has been nominated for Best Picture 9 out of the last 10 years (and the one that wasn't was a foreign film).
  6. You should see Twitter... there are people who are mad at the movie for featuring fascists "even if it is a satire" and others being mad at it romanticizing Hitler as if Watiti has accidentally created a pro-Hitler movie or something.
  7. There's currently no planned release with the extended cut. Obviously it'll happen eventually, but the current announced blu-ray release is very barebones.
  8. Why do people think every major actor needs a major role in the MCU? It's like people think every actor will eventually be in the MCU so by giving them minor roles they are "wasting" them.
  9. It really seems like Disney's ultimate intention is to blend the line between their D+ shows and their theatrical releases, making it much more a shared universe than the Netflix shows or even Agents of Shield. So I imagine movie characters in D+ shows and vice versa will be a seamless, common occurrence if Disney's vision works out.
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