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  1. Not sure about that. Tom and Jerry is easily getting a 3.0x despite bad reviews, and competition from Raya. I doubt it would get a much better multiple on a 'normal' scenario.
  2. If it opens at 50M, it has a shot at crossing KOTM DOM, it would be fantastic for both Cinemas and Monsterverse.
  3. Godzilla 2014 Kong; Skull Island Godzilla vs Kong King Kong 2005 Shin Godzilla King of the Monsters Godzilla 2000
  4. I always trust on Wingard, The Guest remains one of the best and most stylish action movies I've ever watched.
  5. Considering that GvK is overperforming pretty much everywhere, I'd say that it would prove that the DOM market is broken, and it won't be fixed for some time (if ever).
  6. People were excited to see how TENET would play at B.O, not for the movie itself.
  7. Jesus, the Japanese market is catching fire right now, I wonder if we will ever see the DOM market as alive as this one. 😭
  8. Jesus, when the B.O will be recovered? If it happens at all. In some places where the vaccination is in full speed (China, SK, Japan, Russia) the B.O already came back to the level pre-pandemic, and yet, in America, where the numbers of cases has been decreasing for weeks now, a movie can't even reach $10m on OW? I wonder if the DOM market is over for good.
  9. It is not doing even half of Soul's numbers in the places where both were released, it's pretty clear that the main problem was lack of interest. It would've bombed in any scenario, IMO.
  10. This ain't touching Soul's numbers despite Soul barely getting a WW release, LMFAO.
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