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  1. This. It makes me sick coming to this forums and seeing a lot of people (not only this guy), wanting cinemas to stay closed for the rest of the year, as if their money are endless, and they can manage to stay in business for such a long time without working. It's even more hilarious when we consider that we are in a fucking BOX OFFICE forums. My boyfriend works on a cinema here in Brazil, and they already cut off half of the emploeyers because there's not enough money for all of them, and if they stay closed for more months, they'll go bankrupt. If churchs can stay open despite definitely not being an 'essential business', despite sharing the same problemas as cinemas, so can them. At least cinemas pay tax.
  2. And I feel that you're wrong. Countries like Japan and SK are showing that people are responding to new movies, Do Little just opened at $1.4m in Japan, which is the biggest OW since BOP in the market, while a local movie in SK opened last week to the biggest weekend since February.
  3. The definition of “high profile” is someone or something that is will known by most and that garners a lot of attention”. It’s obvious that movies like The Nun, Annabelle: Creation and The Conjuring 1 sold more tickets than Godzilla 2, considering this one was inflated by 3D, if they aren't high profile movies, neither is any of these Monster movies. Not to mention the fact that Warner (or any studio) couldn't give a shit if a movie gross $500m, if it's barely generating money, that's what happened to Godzilla, in any business, what matters is the amount of profits you bring. A movie like FB2 grossed $620m, while TN grossed $360m, which one can be considered a success? What's the point in grossing almost the double if you aren't generating money? The reason why KvG was delayed was obviously because the last one flopped, if one more movie in this franchise flops (which is locked to happen) this franchise will be buried by Warner, and it’s hilarious that it didn’t manage to last 3 movies before burning down, while TCU already produced 6 highly profitable movies. Do you believe that Monsterverse is more important to Warner than TCU? LMFAO. According to Deadline, Godzilla (2014) generated only $53m for Warner, this is still a lower profit than the lowest movie in the TCU (Annabelle: Comes Home, which generated $64m in profits, LMFAO). I’m pretty sure that Warner would be quota happy if God 2 managed to have the profits of the lowest TCU movie to date, none of the movies in TCU ended in the red, we can’t say the same about Monstervese, DCU, and Wizarding World. Sources: https://deadline.com/2015/03/godzilla-profit-box-office-2014-1201389604/ https://deadline.com/2020/04/biggest-movie-profits-small-films-2019-list-parasite-good-boy-escape-room-1202919181/ https://deadline.com/2020/04/annabelle-comes-home-box-office-profit-2019-1202902709/ Sent from my iPhone
  4. The Nun was the #2 most profitable movie of 2018 for Warner, only behind Aquaman which grossed $1b WW, Annabelle: Creation ended at #3 only behind IT and Wonder Woman, back in 2017, Annabelle Comes Home, despite being hurt by competition, ended at #4 only behind Joker, IT2 and Shazam, TC1 was the #2 biggest movie for them back in 2013, behind only Gravity. TCU is a golden mine to Warner, but I guess that being constantly in the top 4 of most profitable movies of the year for the studio isn't 'high profile enough', you probably think that movies like Godzilla (that barely generated money), or Godzilla 2 (a complete bomb) are more 'important' for Warner.
  5. Cinemas in my city (Manaus), one of the most affected cities in the country are opening next month. Rest of the country will probably join soon.
  6. Are these numbers good considering the limited number of theaters? Can someone analyse what these numbers means?
  7. You deserves to have a lead like Jair Bolsonaro, so you'll know what a truly awful lead is. Jesus. Some people really don't know the privileges that they have in having a (if not great) at least decent lead.
  8. Finally watched it, and I'm surprised that it was far superior to the first one in every single aspect (Songs, animation, plot), it is a far more ambitious and mature movie than the first one, so I'm not surprised it didn't become a phenomenon like the first one, they focused the movie on the kids that grew up watching the first one instead of focusing in the new generation. Soundtrack is fantastic, Show Yourself shoud've been the music signature of this franchise.
  9. I actually think they did a great job developing her granddaughter as the future lead of the franchise, I wouldn't mind having her as the lead of this one. The main problem is that there's no plot at all, at the end of day we know that Myers will come back again since there's another movie on the line, it is already a filler.
  10. That's because our stupid President keeps telling people that they shouldn't worry about it, and that people should be living as nothing is happening, and since we're in a country full of morons, they actually listen to him.
  11. I live in Manaus and it is a chaos indeed here, they're basically doing only 400 tests per day, and the population isn't giving a fuck about the quarantine, it is way worse than what we saw in Lombardia.
  12. This great movie brought some needed good WOM for the Universe. It struggled a bit in the beggining thanks to the awful release date, and being a 'sequel' to two badly received movies (The Nun and La Lrona), but good legs told the real story. The Conjuring 3 is at a better place thanks to that movie.
  13. Despite numbers coming near to 3k here in Brazil, Religious 'leaders' just managed to stay open during the crisis (thanks to the support of our stupid president). Religion is something that should've eradicated from earth.
  14. I'm actually shocked. Horror movies always struggle to surpass even $1m in Japan, most of TCU movies ended below that mark. Why is Midsommar doing so well?
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