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  1. Great OW for T&J despite being avaliable for free, can't wait for GvK's numbers, I think it has a real shot at doing a OW > WW84 total DOM. Buzz is real for this one.
  2. @WandaLegion Good news for your club!
  3. @dudalb won't like this news, he was so happy about the possibility that the vaccine won't work against the SA variant.
  4. CF is fantastic, one of the few blockbusters of the last decade that hasn't aged at all.
  5. It has few action scenes, but that intro action scene is easily one of the best I've ever seen in these SH movies.
  6. Because they aren't that stupid. They see the US market as a lost cause, so, why release movies there when they will do such a small numbers when you can instead get a boost to your streaming service? OS markets already proved they can make good numbers for a big movie, look at Tenet, and they don't want to lose that money that will be the only profit that may make on this mess, that's why they are releasing first on OS cinemas, and then DOM.
  7. China is projected to finish at $40m, considering how strong WOM is, it can challenge $50m there, and I fail to see how it will do less than $50m DOM after grossing $15m in 5 days alone, I know it is a holiday, but it will be the only family movie for the rest of year. This movie will prove once for all that studios need Cinemas if they want to have profits, the VOD only model doesn't work as Mulan showed us.
  8. Croods is breaking out both on DOM and China front, it may get $100m from these two countries alone. Considering that the budget wasn't huge, and that it had a minimal marketing, it may actually be the first big movie (in the pandemic Era) that generates money. Poor Mulan, and Trolls 2.
  9. Strong numbers OS as well, with Christmas coming in, it actually has a shot at $200m WW+, unike Trolls 2, it may generate profits for Universal/DW.
  10. I'm actually shocked at how well it is doing, first NA release that is working so far. If it were released at TENET's spot, with more theaters open, and less Covid cases, it could've opened at $15m quite easily, and would probably cross $80m, imo.
  11. Wait, NOTHING is going to D+? This must be a mistake. According to several members here, Mulan was a huge success, and it was locked that every single Disney movie would follow the same route.
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