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  1. It grossed $19m in 26 markets only, the only main ones were China, Brazil, Russia and Australia. Take off China, and these markets will bring in at least $30m, plus $35m-$40m between DOM and China, it would need to make only $15m in the rest of markets to your prediction happen. And I fail to see why it can't bring in at least $50m in the rest of the world, especially considering it will have holidays boost in several markets.
  2. It is flopping hard DOM, no doubts about it. But, OS is going to save it, it's looking like it can end in the $120m-$140m area WW, which would be more than enough for a $50m production. It's almost like Baywatch again, although, CA is a far better movie.
  3. Skyfall is one of my fave songs of all time, but it wasn't even that big of a hit. In the USA, per example, it stayed only one week at top 10 (at #8) and it has 'only' 2xP, despite it, the movie became the only Bond movie to gross $300m there. Not sure if there's any correlation.
  4. At this point I don't even read The Futurist's post anymore, I just instantaly give them a WTF emoji,
  5. I really hope FvS does someting crazy like $35m/$150m DOM, I doubt it will have OS appeal, and considering that huge budget, it needs to do the most possible DOM.
  6. Yeah, that's because it's obvious that streamings hasn't hurt moviegoing experience, especially this year where we had several hits outside of the big IP franchises.
  7. That's really sad for CA. The worst part is that it isn't even a bad movie to deserve this dark fate.
  8. Kristen was actually the best thing about the movie, and I say this as somenone who always thought she was the definition of white privilege,
  9. 1. I want you to bring me a talentless artist which lasted for 7 albums on a row. 2. When it comes to POP music you don't need to be an A-List vocalist, POP is about writing and performances, if you want to hear potent voices, you have R&B for it. 3. LOL. She just had the third most succesfull album of the year, despite having zero hits, but if you say so. Tayor is one of the most talented woman in the industry, she wrote AND produced a whole album on her own when she was only 20 years old. Do you have idea how hard is to do it? What the hell were YOU doing when you were 20 years old? You guys only hate her for sexist reasons, since she's one of the most succesfull acts in the industry, and it seems some persons around here has something against succesfull woman. Anyway, keep trying.
  10. Limited strengths? She may not be the strongest vocalist out there, but she' a fantastic songwriter, above anyone else on mainstream, imo. You don't build a career that longer (no female artist in history has achieved her consistency, with 7 sucesfull albums) without having songs that connects with millions of persons. Not to mention her critical acclaim, she has the highest Metascore among female Popstars.
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