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  1. Never said that PG13 Horror movies doesn't fail, I've said that bad PG13 Horror movies has a bigger chance at success than bad Rated R because teens doesn't care about critics. Plus, even PG13 bombage still better than most of Rated R bombage, at least these movies crossed $10m at total, there's several Rated R Horror movies that couldn't even do that.
  2. If this movie were Rated R, it would've opened so huge as the Rated R smash Friend Request.
  3. Horror movies, especially the ones from BH usually only release one trailer and only start the marketing campaign few weeks before the release, that's the reason they're usually understimated by tracking. Remember when people said there was zero marketing and buzz for Insidious 4? It opened at almost $30m. Horror movies doesn't need a blockbuster level of marketing.
  4. Nobody's blaming them for the failure of these movies, we're just saying that there isn't a correlation between popularity in internet and in the real life. As @Krissykins would say, those teen fanbases are loud, but cheap.
  5. Those kids seems to have zero appeal outside of this series, MBB also didn't help Godzilla AT ALL, despite it being sold as her debut movie.
  6. I wonder if it has a chance at getting good reviews? The trailer is quite solid.
  7. That's a poor excuse, The Mumy is a movie aiming to Adult audiences, those persons do care about reviews. Families? Not at all.
  8. Except that he isn't wrong this time. Family movies already showed us several times that they can overcome bad reviews and break-out, even if there aren't a super popular brand behind there, the fact this movie is flopping even with a 'draw' says it all.
  9. Bad Boys is basically doing what Glass was expected to do last year, and that it probably would've done if it weren't for the reviews.
  10. It isn't even a competition, Dollite is a far bigger flop than CATS not only in raw money, but especially when we consider it had a far easier subject to sell than the other one.
  11. Last January finished at $812m, this January is already $663m with 11 days left, it's easily going to destroy last January. Glad to see the year that everyone thought that would be the death of cinema starting on such a huge note.
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