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  1. Last Monday it was at 880K+/-.. Will it increase this week?? You are projecting way higher.
  2. Ellen Show targets women. I think this is a good opportunity to generate awareness in some. No movie can sell itself to everyone.
  3. Marvel said CM is most powerful Superhero and they are delivering. Some people will always hate on her but majority loves her or is excited for her in Endgame.
  4. They are following very closely overall. Thanks
  5. That happened afterward. CM is going to use the gauntlet to wreck the shit up and then Tony will sacrifice himself disappearing Thanos and his Army. He cannot let CM do that obviously, there is always a chance she might not survive.
  6. Wow.. Good. Also think last week College Football suppressed the numbers.
  7. Marvel has not treated Women like the Men in the movies.   That's why, Many people find it odd that CM is cocky and so powerful.  If Gamora and BW were treated properly, CM would not have gotten this much hate. 
  8. I am not talking about Marvel Studios. I am talking about this whole scenario. The spoilers are pretty big in itself considering we didn't know any meaningful thing about movie before this. Russo Brothers and whole cast must be frustrated now. They hid spoilers for 2 fucking years to be spoiled like this.
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