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  1. I don't trust him ever since he claimed Shazam was doing 2x in Japan than it actually was.
  2. Mendelson estimates by keeping the same DOM/OS ratio and applying to the current DOM, which is not accurate at all. OS was already falling more during weekdays than DOM. Moreover, Feb. 14 was not Valentine's Day in some countries.
  3. Wouldn't be surprised if they made a PG-13 cut to release somehow. Changing films later seems to be en vogue.
  4. The fact that Russia is leading all markets even though it's the lowest opening for a DCEU movie there (as far as I know) is really telling
  5. Just realized BOP total box office will probably end up far behind Joker's opening weekend.
  6. For what is worth, the leaks for WW84 were ALL confirmed by the trailer, in minute detail. Anyway...
  7. If WW84 somehow goes below WW, Walter Hamada will get the boot, probably. He inherited Aquaman and Joker from previous management, and he was against making Joker because it didn't follow their "winning formula", according to Todd Phillips.
  8. Maxwell Lord is the main villain, Cheetah is secondary, like the last time around. But Barbara will be more fleshed out before turning into a villain, unlike Dr. Psycho.
  9. It is a problem when your target audience is teenage females. At least teenage males are more likely to be interested in R rated movies and ask their parents to take them. The 58% male audience is evidence of that actually.
  10. 1917 didn't get Editing because of the one shot thing. Yes, it was edited to seem that way, but the category is not only for the technical aspect of it but how the montage of the film changes how it's perceived. The one that gets hurt by not getting the Editing nom is Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.
  11. Biggest controversy will be if only white actors are nominated (very likely for leading), followed by Todd Phillips possibly getting a best director nomination over Greta Gerwig. Biggest surprise would be Endgame getting best picture nomination since it didn't even get the AFI or PGA.
  12. BoP had 18m after just a couple of weeks or less. I've been monitoring the trend and WW is going for something like that its first full week. It will probably pass BoP and cross 20 million but not much more than that for a long time.
  13. Won't make 30 million views, at least not without a bump after the movie coming out. Right now I wonder if it will even pass BoP's 19 million. Not saying it will correlate at all with box office but it is surprising to me that it's getting less views than the first movie's trailers had (and 30 million in 2017 was much better than 30 million in 2019). I don't think anyone can deny it's strange.
  14. Thanks. It also passed it in number of admissions in Italy, right?
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