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  1. Will this be enough? Seems unlikely but I could be wrong. What were we looking at Endgame finishing at WW without this “re-release” 2.76B? There would still be 28m more to go and a couple minutes of footage in the credits surely wouldn’t add that much.
  2. I must’ve entered the wrong thread *Checks thread title* Oh... no, it’s right. The next few weeks are going to be very interesting for Endgame, crawling towards that Avatar WW number. It’s gonna be close.
  3. I can’t take this ride anymore tonight. I’m going to bed.
  4. Went to go watch Endgame a 3rd time (First act becoming my favorite) help those Thursday numbers and come home to Peter Mayhew passing away.. very sad, this day extracts a heavy toll. RIP
  5. Without a doubt, combing through the local theatres in Vancouver I was pretty shocked to see 11am showings nearing capacity. Showtimes throughout the entire day are staggering for a Monday.
  6. While I understand that the current record holder for WW OW is Infinity War at $640.5m (without China) but are we actually entertaining the idea now that Endgame could, however seemingly impossible... double that record? $1.281B ??
  7. 👀 My graphing skills are... not adequate and not based on real numbers lol. This graph is gonna look wild when we’re all done.
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