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  1. Yeah, but when a movie makes 800M+ domestic and 2.7B+ WW we'll just drop the mike and call it a day.
  2. So ENDGAME's drop is pretty good comparatively to the rest of the top 10.
  3. I was thinking there would be Wednesday numbers in the Wednesday numbers thread. I was very wrong....
  4. I think that anything in the 50M+ range is a very good opening for DP. As a non video game fan, there wasn't much this movie was going to offer to me, besides the Ryan Reynolds hook, and I wasn't much looking forward to a PG version of the Reynolds charm. Also, the movie was fighting for the youth audience that is still being held onto a bit by A:EG, so the timing didn't help. With that in mind, I think this was a fine opening weekend for this.
  5. Doing a little reconnaissance at my local theater for the remaining shows for the evening: DP 7 showtimes 382 Tickets sold A:EG 10 showtimes 437 Tickets sold I expect both movies will be walk-up heavy tonight.
  6. Thought I would check to see how the sales and pre-sales are doing at my local theater for tonight for DP and A:EG. DP 7 showtimes: 129 A:EG 7 showtimes: 127 This should make for an interesting weekend showdown.
  7. He was responding to another poster who asked.
  8. Weekdays falling a bit lower than my initial projections, but as other's have said it opened so high that demand had to taper off faster than what we consider "normal". The film was marketed as a must-see-on-opening weekend event and that's how the public responded. That said, I still have this legging it out to 885-900M, which is near a 2.5 multi, and a crotch-load of money... That it's, imo, an epic and satisfying film, is pretty nice too.
  9. Makes me feel more confident that this will crawl to 900M.
  10. I am bummed about the release date change, because JC is responsible for two of my favorite movies (Aliens & Terminator 1) and I wanted to see more from him... that being said, the timing of the announcement was just perfect, coming on the heels of one poster willing to bet money that this would come out in 2020.
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