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  1. China hasn't actually destroyed poverty, just made people slightly less destitute than they used to be. Their own Premier just a couple of months ago stated that 600m people make less 1000RMB a month. That's over 40% of the population on less than $150/mo. Once you leave the major cities the poverty level is far beyond what Westerners can even imagine.
  2. Seems like I can only access the site on mobile and not on desktop. Is anyone else having the same issue?
  3. They're not going to get close to that from China with the PVOD release. Most people there will end up watching a pirated copy.
  4. How many New Yorkers are gonna drive 2 hrs plus pay roundtrip tolls to go see a Nolan movie? Many of us don't even have cars so we also have to rent a car. I don't think many people will put that much effort into a movie.
  5. We got hit very hard early on, so everyone takes it very seriously. People have been pretty good about wearing masks since late March. My apartment building has hand sanitizer next to the elevators and we are reminded to wear masks when we're in the lobby/elevator or in the laundry room. Cuomo also passed a law in April that allows businesses to refuse service to customers that don't wear masks. Pretty soon people just got used to it. It's now mid July and over 90 everyday, but most people still wear masks everywhere. Nobody goes anywhere without masks, whether it's the subway or the store, or just walking around to get some exercise. I've seen plenty of people jogging with masks on. When there are multiple people in an elevator people stand on opposite corners. Social distancing and mask wearing is now just part of our way of life.
  6. There are currently a few options including curbside seating. They've also streamlined the application process for sidewalk cafes so you can get approved online instantly without having to wait for approval from the community board. https://www.6sqft.com/nyc-outdoor-dining-plan/ For restaurants and any bars/cafes that serve food, there are five outdoor seating options: Curb lane seating (pilot through Labor Day): These are the adjacent parking spots to a restaurant’s curb Sidewalk seating (through October) Backyard and patio seating Open streets seating (nights and weekends beginning in July): More details will be released in the coming days Plaza seating through Business Improvement Districts: The BID would need to reach out to the city and apply
  7. Indoor dining was never reopened, only outdoor dining. It was supposed to be included in Phase 3 reopening which starts on Monday, but has now been pushed back until further notice. The plan is to designate more spaces for outdoor dining to help restaurants stay afloat.
  8. This is for Beijing only not country-wide. The party elite are terrified of being infected.
  9. Long Island is beginning Phase 1 reopening today, with NYC probably starting in mid-June. Hopefully it goes well. Personally I'm eager to go out again but I'm also not going anywhere without a mask until a vaccine is available.
  10. 4 Avengers movies have been released since this thread was created So many youngster on this board. When this thread was created I was over 30 already and now I'm turning 40 in a few months. Meanwhile many of you are barely half my age. Man I feel old.
  11. Apparently Katzenberg hasn't been on the subway for years there's been wifi since 2017
  12. This was originally set to come out before the FFH sequel, now it's after. March 25 is WAY too close to the Thor4 and BP2. Although these are probably not going to be the final dates anyway, so we'll see where everything ends up in the end.
  13. Those 2 movies made hundreds of millions more at the box office and has much lower participation. Just because you want it to be higher doesn't make it rigged
  14. $105m participation and much lower home video than both. Breakdown is pretty clear
  15. Red Cliff: The Last Emperor The Admiral: Roaring Currents Taegukgi (Brotherhood of War):
  16. NYS numbers continues to improve. Hopefully the worst is truly behind us. Anecdotally I am definitely hearing a lot less sirens than I did a couple of weeks ago. Also, apparently rats are now resorting to cannibalism to survive? Which, definitely a plus
  17. OMG I somehow missed that the countdown has already started?! Now have dozens of pages to catch up on
  18. I personally prefer IW to Endgame, but that's like rating one 10/10 and one 9.5/10, not a huge difference. Just think the flow of IW is smoother and more tonally consistent, and the final battle in Endgame went a bit OTP for my taste in a few shots.
  19. It's not up to him. It's up to the different states alliances that have already formed. NY is not reopening on May 1 for sure. Cuomo already extended shutdown until May 15.
  20. Honestly shocked at that number. I thought people hated Spectre? Guess people really are showing up for Daniel Craig's final outing
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