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  1. Revange of the sith is big pay off with first 2 just for character development and setting things up and it’s way better than attack of clones you will like it
  2. Jumanji is gonna do 800 million easy great year for the rock jungle cruise black Adam another Jumanji
  3. Will solo + rise of skywalker beat last Jedi ? it will be close but I guess it will pass it but barley
  4. It’s been what 19 months since solo ? Which majority of Star Wars fans didn’t watch in theatres since it bombed lol So I don’t know the over saturated aspect with this movie
  5. Aqua man won’t be scared of Star Wars lol
  6. I get what the point he tryna make but will smith and brad Pitt aren’t the ones you should be comparing them too lol there far worse male actors who movies are bombing
  7. I remember when it first announced Star Wars 2022 movie. They were so convinced that aqua man 2 would have to pre pone to another date now it’s the other way around lol aquaman 2. Internationally especially would win easy
  8. 28 million for jumanji what the hell box office pro
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