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  1. Would be interested to see if it does well in China, detective pikachu did only okay there. Not sure if sonic more popular but trailer is so Americanized humor
  2. Definitely possible especially with increase in France numbers
  3. DC on a roll 3 quality movies in row aqua man, shazam and joker 4 of 5 if you count Wonder Woman birds of prey wonder woman suicide squad the Batman up next
  4. WTFFFFFFFF THIS RUN IS CRAZY theres gonna be another joker. Too much at stake. Give Phoenix a blank check
  5. Wow. This is doing 800 million WW
  6. Director made monster university which was pretty ass to me not a fan of this trailer. def seems like this is the good dinosaur and soul is inside out
  7. All these articles are advertising the movies for free lol
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