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  1. I watched black widow today because some in a discord server streamed it to 80 people and it was free for 79 people to watch lol
  2. Man they should have just released trailer 2 weeks before release feels like buzz died off quiet a bit
  3. The latest funko spoiler that leaked is a huge spoiler for movie, beware
  4. There’s still like 15 chapters left and they can split into 3 more movies the last movie would be insane box office wise with what happens in it
  5. With mulan getting such shit score avatar should enough to beat endgame lets see pre sales
  6. Only avatar that matters is the last air👨‍💻bender
  7. Obviously it’s hyperbole, people even cared enough to watched dark Phoenix in theatres the movie will be bomb easily and will see massive decline like 2nd one was to first
  8. Fantastic beasts 3 isn’t gonna flop jk Rowling Fantastic beasts 3 is gonna flop because the nobody cares about this franchise lol the curiosity it had in first fantastic beasts after Harry Potter 8 is gone 2nd one killed and goodwill just cancel this franchise
  9. With the mulan marketing they spent and onward they prob lost close to 200 million
  10. Onward gonna finish with below 200 million WW
  11. Rip onward reminder that good dinosaur first 5 days were 54 million onward at 42 million after 4 days
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