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  1. 3.5 million previews is pretty decent maybe the first hit for warner Bros this year
  2. Honestly I think it might be Aladdin doing the damage for toy story 4 aladdin is over performing like crazy. I had it under 200 million domestic its gonna do 325 million. It evens out the toy story 4 underperformance it’s been 2 months with endgame. I feel that storm past. Hopefully spider man and lion king nail it toy story 4 is a fantastic movie. I loved it. Still will be hugely profitable
  3. I know they said they were only gonna make original but hopefully this leaves any doubt in Pixar mind. To really continue making original content movie. no more sequels
  4. Incredibles 2 was more of a necessity. People have been wanting a sequel to first one for a decade it was must watch movie and huge crazy toy story 4 was more of luxury. Toy story 3 ended perfectly even though I enjoy toy story 4. I could understand same people being satisfied with ts3 ending and concluded there interest in franchise
  5. I’m a Pokémon and warner Bros fanboy but who didn’t grow up on Pixar movies 😂
  6. I’m a huge warner Bros fans. But no way to sugarcoat how hugely disappointing this year has been for warner Bros Disney is saving theatres owners a ton this year hopefully next decade goes swell for WB
  7. Loved this movie. My favourite movie this year by far 2nd fav toy story after 3 for me
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