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  1. Not 1 SRK movie in top 10. That’s surprising I must say. He’s pretty huge here in Canada
  2. I watched dragon ball super broly in theatres which was a dubbed anime movie I only watch movies I’m interested in not because someone critics says it’s great
  3. Pretty awesome I think it guaranteed to make above 700 million
  4. The statement made mulan more money from China than it lost in west to the dozens and dozens boycott Mulan people on twitter lol
  5. I don’t think you understood what she said she in support of Chinese government and the people calling for boycott are people on twitter in west which always falls flat lol
  6. this will by pass by but it’s ironic that this spineless girl is who plays the fierce mulan polar opposites honestly the day that Hollywood movies crash in China. Will good day. Quality of cinema will definitely increase without catering to them
  7. What the hell is going on with America. This is actually nuts what they are doing to video games and movies just to avoid the actual problems
  8. That’s probably why I never could get into it. This seems like late 20s to 40s nostalgia
  9. Star Wars is trash. Will never get the fascination with that franchise
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