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    Is there no Marvel regional office in Vietnam? If there isn't, I guess that decision is with the local distributor.
  2. Well if it's true that it came from Saudi, then it can be traced since they just launched a cinema last year after 30+ years of no public cinema. They've probably opened a few since then, or not and it's still the same one. Who knows if Disney or Marvel has a regional office over there. Hard to threaten oil magnates or sultans, but they can probably censure the cinema over this. Still a douche move considering it was a Marvel movie that was their 1st screening last year.
  3. If it's a Saudi leak, well that's damn too bad. Didn't they just launch a cinema there just last year after decades of not having any? Do they really want studios to stop trusting them with these blockbuster releases? Some people just want to ruin things for others.
  4. If it was recorded in an empty movie theater, then it was probably one theater which has gotten the full movie already. I hope they can track the ones they've released the movie to this early and maybe threaten to sue these leakers/theater. On a happy note, here's the full clip of the special event the fans prepared for them in South Korea. Their reactions to the "thank you" VCR are precious. I think they included one from a deaf-mute fan based on Jeremy's hand sign 💕
  5. I will definitely buy the Avengers lightstick and bring it to opening weekend tbh https://twitter.com/Q82004yousef1/status/1117774798564675585?s=09
  6. Not even. So many Americans populate the Marvel Studios Reddit* sub and also other cbm forums where nerds are crushing hard on her. Some people are just petty 🤷
  7. And that is why Marvel has Hawkeye/Ronin in Japan. I remember the Japanese title of Avengers trending worldwide on Twitter and Hawkeye/Ronin also talked about by Japanese people during the release of the 1st teaser. And they recently collaborated with Detective Conan to promote the movie. That franchise does gangbusters in Japan. Marvel knows where they are the weakest 🤷

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