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  1. Honestly not surprised. There's been a lot of buzz about it online, mostly positive, despite it not being a musical live-action like people wanted originally. Mulan, as a Disney character, has a great rep and is well-loved. Hoping the movie turns out great or even better than expected. P.S. wouldn't be surprised if people even get more hype if/when Jet Li and Donnie Yen gets shown in the full trailer.
  2. Got out of the review cave to comment how much I love this, surprisingly, since I actually adored the animated versions. I thought I wouldn't like the route they went with when Disney's Mulan plans were announced. But lo and behold. To some folks here who thinks it's just gonna be loved by the Chinese community, I would disagree with such thought. It wouldn't be surprising if this gets a lot of love outside of China. Mulan is an awesome and wholesome female character. And the story's biggest strength is the love for family. That is a universal message. It will do numbers. Can't wait for 2020.
  3. It is pretty unusual because MCU movies typically only has ads on social media for TV spots length. A whole trailer that's 2+ minutes is too long for an ad especially on Youtube (of course this is Sony marketing but it's still unusual). And I don't think I subscribed to Sony there, so this ad movement has a pretty wide reach. We typically only get regional ads in my country. I wouldn't be surprised if this is the same situation in other countries. I also mentioned that it has Endgame hype behind it hence many people checking out the actual video and giving it plenty of likes (although the 1st trailer already did have plenty so it's basically maintaining its initial hype and then some). And people on Youtube have been watching a lot of Endgame press/promo interviews lately, before and after the movie came out, so it wouldn't be surprising if they also ended up watching this 2nd trailer.
  4. Just watched the trailer 2 as an ad on Youtube. It wasn't a related video either. Wouldn't be surprised that the big bump of the trailer views could be because of that plus Endgame hype.
  5. Yes. I brought this up in the EG OW thread. Asian countries, particularly East Asia, have the collectivist culture (similar to herd mentality). Whenever that one gets combined with consumerism, everyone's gonna scramble for a particular product, be it food, movie, clothing, etc. And since I live in that culture as well, I have been swept away by hype several times 😂 Avatar 2 has that potential. Like "everyone has to see it" potential. (Sidenote: one of the funniest example of this was the Honey Butter Chips craze a few years ago in South Korea.) I know this is a BO forum and movies are also tied with consumerism/consumption and there can be cases studied as to why some movies overperform or underperform in different territories aside from just usual causes like culture or nostalgia.
  6. I remember there were several articles up about how bleak box office 2019 was up until March. And now we got even higher than what most people thought were the OW ceiling. GA really broke their piggy banks for Endgame 😂
  7. I'm still looking for the weekend breakdown but Endgame earned P937,521,966 (lc) and is already the 2nd highest grossing movie in the Philippines behind only Infinity War's P1.217B+ (lc) 💀 Edit. Infinity War had 5 weeks to get to that final gross 💀 Link
  8. Depends if the gov't itself wouldn't be swept away with the potential mania. Collectivism when tied with consumerism is a common phenomena in Asia. But the nationalistic nature may kick in and prevent it from getting ahead of WW2. Unless a potential WW3 (if one is even getting made) gets to $1B+ first before Avatar 2.
  9. Some people specifically mentioned Avatar. They don't want that movie to remain #1 and want Endgame. China has weird patterns for blockbuster but one thing has been consistent for them, if something takes root like a trend or a fad, they will cling to that. Avatar 2 will most likely be that. It already has many want-to-see ratings despite having no promotions at all. Avatar has "nostalgia" there. However, I am not saying it'd be like 3B floor 🙄 I'm just saying I can see China going crazy over Avatar 2. I don't belong to that group.
  10. It might make $1B from China alone. The rest depends on other territories. 3D isn't a fad anymore in many places. It's up to that movie if* it causes another 3D resurgence. Though it's funny how many people on Twitter (under those news tweets about Endgame's OW) want Endgame to get to $3B. They really don't like Avatar having that crown 😂
  11. Thanks. I was thinking of Scarlett earlier but I wasn't sure. And hers was unique because one was voice and the other live-action. Too bad TJB was almost close to $1B. BP was released in February though while IW was in April. So it wasn't consecutive but they did star in those 1st two billion-dollar movies.
  12. Brie Larson stars in the 1st two billion-dollar movies of the year, billion-dollar movies in 2 consecutive months, and #1 and #2 movies this weekend. Pretty cool trivia. Has another actor done all these before? Genuinely asking the trivia folks here.
  13. Fox was the offeror in this scenario. Any other studio buying it will always come out having that kind of industry share. Hate on Fox for offering it in the first place.
  14. I get that this is a box office forum and we are all partial to the movie side of things and you have strong feelings against remakes. I get it. For Disney, live action remakes are just forms of media that they have recently focused on. Were you also against them producing their original IPs in other forms of media? Their old movies were also made into storybooks, coloring books, musicals, TV shows, etc. And I never said children don't appreciate old movies. I just said 2D animation has somewhat been stale on them because they grew up with the film technology in the stage that it is now. 3D and CGI is the norm for them. Of course I am strictly talking to the film side of things. TV still has 2D animation. But look at the output of the film industry for strictly children as target market. The sheer amount of computer animation relying on 3D is massive. This is just where things are now, just like streaming is taking center stage now.
  15. Disney is risking a lot of money on movies that may or may not be a hit when it comes to the remakes but they are playing the long game. They are risking to get to red for a long-term gain. Also, as someone who majored in marketing, Disney is obviously doing remakes for the new generation. Their target market will always be children because that is where they get their money and that is where they can establish their brand, which will last a person's lifetime if things go their way. You probably grew up with their Disney classics or 2D animation, but this new generation did not. And this new generation grew up with 3D characters and great CGI as the norm. 2D animation has become somewhat stale for them compared to the other wondrous things technology has brought to them. Disney is trying to capture this new generation with their remakes through live-action and CGI because, as earlier reiterated, they grew up with CGI and 3D. And when they manage to capture their audience, the Disney brand will continue existing until a new generation comes along for them to work their magic again. It has always been the long game for Disney. Don't blame Disney for playing their game right. No one's stopping other studios (some owned by bigger fishes than Disney) to be successful. That is up to them. Disney's brand strategy is not exactly a secret.
  16. These companies have access to the same resources as Disney. Heck some of the film studios are owned by bigger corporations than Disney and have more money to invest in their IPs. They should be assessing themselves and see where they can improve on, and not blame another studio that is trying its best to succeed.
  17. Last year, @CJohn's $300M IW OW club seemed out of reach. I still remember lurking here and people talking about how $300M OW is highly impossible unless almost all screens were given to a movie and tons of people were to fill almost all of them. A year later and here we have Endgame cruising through $300M OW like it's nothing. Also insane how Dom and China are basically competing on which territory goes higher than $300M OW. A true world event.
  18. Compared to the arcs of the other characters, who got to live anyway? Freaking short and a disservice to her. If she was to* die, should have given her the room for a deeper emotional arc. But as always, the male OGs got theirs, and her arc was practically token in comparison.
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