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  1. ← Previous Chart Chart Index Movie Distr Gross %YD %LW Thr Per Thr Total Gross D - (3) Ghostbusters: Afterlife Sony Pictures $1,445,000 +34% -69% 4,315 $335 $90,035,116
  2. Some do. From deadline: Comscore reports that 41% K-12 schools are off tomorrow (Monday) and 16% colleges. That grows to 80% K-12 and 61% college on break by Wednesday, before both are 100% off Thursday and Friday.
  3. Totally anecdotal but: Sunday 1st show is my usual go to here in the Midwest (Indiana). Usually a pretty dead showing because people are in church. Today’s first showing of Afterlife was 60% full on Saturday so I went with the second show which was 50%+ full. Haven’t seen Sunday morning crowds like this in a long time. Think it will be a soft Sunday drop.
  4. As someone who has never been a particularly big fan on Dune, this was entertaining. It’s a bit “one note” in tone but managed to carry it off for 2.5 hours so hey, kudos. I will definitely be there day one for a part 2 if it happens.
  5. FWIW my local Cinemark finally screened it this weekend (two whole shows a day!) & my wife and I hit the matinee today. 23 people including us, which for a Sunday morning show of a foreign language film here in Indiana probably qualifies as a packed house. So topping 200 would not surprise me at all.
  6. I’m waiting for 1929, the epic 90 minute one shot take of a Wall Street traders quest to leap from a window.
  7. Lol at this point i expect to wake up tomorrow morning to the news that Universal canceled the release and ordered all copies of the film burned.
  8. Yeah, it’s got one fresh review on RT now from some guy I never heard of who absolutely loved it. So maybe it won’t be a total waste of time.
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