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  1. Lol at this point i expect to wake up tomorrow morning to the news that Universal canceled the release and ordered all copies of the film burned.
  2. Yeah, it’s got one fresh review on RT now from some guy I never heard of who absolutely loved it. So maybe it won’t be a total waste of time.
  3. FWIW the trailer played before TROS and my wife, who sees like one movie a year because two hours without nicotine is her idea of torture, leaned over at the end and said, “I want to see that, it looks fun.” So I guess I’ll be going.
  4. Finally saw it and it was fine. Too long and overstuffed but gives you your money’s worth in spectacle. TLJ remains my favorite by far but overall I liked all the trilogy films. Would give RoS around a 6.5/10.
  5. Saw this Thanksgiving night in a packed house so I’m not surprised it did well. Not quite the film the trailers promised imo but a good flick nonetheless. I’d definitely be in the market for a sequel.
  6. Hit the matinee showing today, very good crowd, easily over 100 which is more than I’ve seen for that time slot for anything but a superhero flick. Very solid drama. Great performances, especially Bale and Bernthal. The racing action is awesome and the score is superb. On the downside it take a while to get going and feels a bit overlong and underbaked. But I’m nitpicking, it’s easily 8/10.
  7. It’s pretty much gone near me after Thursday. There’s one theater in Chicago with showings Sunday and Monday. All the AMCs have dumped it. From my vantage point, it’s done, which is too bad. It deserved better.
  8. Personally I liked The Witch better, just because it’s a more conventionally structured story. The Lighthouse is more of a succession of increasingly bugnuts events. It shouldn’t work, but the acting, sets, direction, cinematography, soundtrack, everything is just so good you end up not caring that there isn’t much in the way of narrative.
  9. Having sucked it up and done the 2:20 round trip to the nearest theater it was at, all I can say is that you took the words right out of my mouth. I did enjoy the hell out of it, and the crowd (about 20-25 people in a Saturday matinee showing) was smiling and chuckling walking out, so that’s good. I think...
  10. As of last week it was opening today at two AMCs near me, one about 20 minutes from where I live, another about 10-15 minutes further down the road, depending on traffic. Today, it’s gone from both. Nearest theater showing it is over an hour’s drive away. So I guess I’m waiting for the blu-ray...again.
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