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  1. This Venom guy is either a troll or delusional. My god... And hell yeah, welcome back Spidey!
  2. That’s your opinion. Both MCU Spider-Man films are very well received critically and financially. But all of your comments in here are just hater comments. I don’t know why you people show up and stick around just to circle jerk negativity.
  3. It did that because Marvel rebuilt it. The Amazing Spider-Man 3 would have crashed hard, Marvel did the required course correction to get Spider-Man back to this level. Sony will probably destroy it again if they pull Spidey from the MCU.
  4. Hopefully a thread for that calculation doesn’t turn out like the admissions thread...
  5. Well they would just be kind of indifferent to Sony if they were only making mediocre movies. But people may resent them if they see Sony as the ones taking Spider-Man out of the MCU. Of course people wouldn’t think of Sony as evil or something, but they may become a disliked company among the general public if this happens.
  6. Yeah Disney needs to cut the shit out too. Something like 20% is much more reasonable. They should get more than they have now, but not 45% more.
  7. Come on, you know I meant bad guy as in they are the party being viewed negatively by the general public. It’s the fact that we were going to finally get a complete arc for Peter Parker that was consistently great, and Sony is screwing that up for the third time now. They failed with Spider-Man 3 and TASM 1+2 due to being out of touch and meddling too much, and now they are yanking Spidey out of his most beloved portrayal yet. Peter is only 16, we could have followed him for another decade. Instead we get three team ups and only two solo movies. Sony’s going to pump out to more awkward and disjointed "Not in the MCU" Holland movies, and probably cross him over with their trash Venom universe. This company deserves all the hate they are getting, they can’t even manage their own flagship brand properly.
  8. Sony doesn’t have the video game rights, Marvel just chose them and Insomniac to make the game. They ONLY have the film rights.
  9. Star Wars cost $4 billion to buy, but knowing Sony and their arrogance they’d probably ask something stupid like $5 billion or more. I just hate this situation, Spidey belongs with Marvel. Imagine if Universal owned Batman while DC had all of their other characters under the Warner Brothers banner. It just feels wrong, he is the quintessential Marvel character and superhero. And Sony is once again robbing us of his full arc. They botched Spider-Man 3, TASM movies were shit, and now this is getting killed off before he even leaves high school. This feels like a lame joke.
  10. Both companies are screwing up here, but the reason everyone sees Sony as the bad guy is because they have constantly fucked up with this IP. People associate this Spider-Man they love with Marvel and Disney, not Sony. It doesn’t help Sony’s case that they technically are the ones taking Spidey away from the MCU, even if they are not the only party to blame when you look into the details.
  11. LMAO Jeremy Renner is awesome. As the ultimate thank you gift to Kevin Feige, can Disney please just go to Sony with like $7 billion and just buy back Spider-Man? I know they just bought Fox and that is a crap ton for just one property, but it would save us a lot of trouble....
  12. I’ll admit I overreacted and thought it was solely Sony’s incompetence causing this due to their poor track record. But Disney too needs to screw their head on straight and ask for less. Sony needs to stop thinking they are capable of achieving this success on their own, and perhaps give Disney a bigger piece of the pie/let them co-finance. But it should be less than Disney originally asked for.
  13. I agree Disney needs to stop being greedy, but I don’t think merchandise really factors into this as Disney has fully owned that for a long time now. Sony needs to be more willing to compromise and realize they will not be nearly as successful without Marvel, and Disney needs to ask for less and cut down on the greed.
  14. Those people are being ridiculous, but clearly you are just trying to stir the pot by calling them funnybook movies.
  15. Disney is being greedy, but they will only get half of the profits if they pay for half of the movie. And Sony has gained way more money from this deal than Disney, the Spidey solos got way bigger boosts by being in the MCU than the Avengers movies did by having Spider-Man. Disney are being greedy bastards, but Sony needs to realize that the only reason the are seeing this level of success is due to the MCU. They need to be more willing to compromise, and Disney needs to step back a bit. Calling people entitled children doesn’t help your argument.
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