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  1. "As you can see, I am not dead!" Thinking of it, that’s basically what Endgame said to Avatar late in its run lmao.
  2. Dude is already super rich, his net worth is $700 million. The real question to ask about the Avatar saga is whether it turns him into a billionaire.
  3. To make room for Star Wars? Ugh. I like the series, but c’mon. That trilogy is not going to light the world on fire, Avatar 3 will slaughter that movie. Doesn’t matter if you’re pessimistic or optimistic about it, no way Star Wars outgrosses Avatar 3.
  4. That would be some crazy shit... I can’t believe that all three Avengers movies re-released and surpassed Endgame! On a real note, at this rate of delays Cameron should just wait until he can release 2 and 3 a year apart. Then do the same for 4 and 5 a couple years later. Like IW and EG but twice.
  5. I can’t tell if this is another Shivampa alt, or if it is JamesCameronScholar pretending to speak in broken English again.
  6. The Argentina number is weird because that economy has plummeted and experienced hyperinflation. Most others, with stable economies, are much more accurate numbers. I agree in a lot of those markets, specifically Europe, Avatar definitely beat Endgame. However, on paper with USD as the only metric, it looks like a slaughter because of Avatar’s amazing exchange rates compared to Endgame’s horrible rates. However, while Avatar solidly beat Endgame in Europe, it is not absolute destruction as it appears looking solely at USD gross. Still Endgame’s weakest major territory.
  7. Charlie dying and becoming Jat-One is a better story of rebirth than Dark Phoenix.
  8. I think that if it got within one or two million I could see a Labor Day expansion or something to get it over. Disney has shown a willingness to push for milestones if they are that close. I do agree it should happen by itself though.
  9. Yeah, it can get at least $5 million more domestic, if not more. Overseas has a few million at least left in the tank, especially with that South Korea re-release.
  10. Do you guys think it can crawl to $2.8 billion? I think it can, but I’m not sure. Should get super close if it misses, and I’m sure Disney would get it over the hump in that case. We have been distracted by Avatar, but $2.8 billion is a huge, huge milestone. Uncharted territory, and much bigger than $700 million domestic, a mark Disney was willing to push Black Panther over.
  11. It’s easier because they have so many alts! We should make some too, make the conversation look like fifteen people when it’s more like five.
  12. This shit doesn’t even count because Marvel fans and fanboys watched the movie a lot! What the fuck? Why is it fair for fans to rewatch a movie and boost its gross? Every movie that becomes number one should start with no fans, and in some cases, end up with none. Along with no cultural impact beyond being an amusement park ride in the theater. #Bait #GetToPage357
  13. @Zatt was right Does it involve Endgame’s Box Office? #ChinaRe-ReleaseConfirmed
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